Through the Breach

Wyncrest Asylum and the Stones of Power

It is difficult to understand the way things are, here in this darkness. The Homesteader has been taken from us and a strange little girl has claimed to be him. Sometimes she talks like the Homesteader and sometimes with a strange knowledge that I find very disturbing.
We left the underground lair of the resurrectionists to return to Hagir‘s. Hagir is said to have in his possession a soulstone that will power Eloise.
Yet, on meeting Hagir he is denying this.
Our learned companion, who I now trust with leading the party, stepped forward. He states that he feels the soulstone itself, or one that is very large, within Hagir’s office.
How he knows this thing is beyond my understanding.
So we are now trying to understand what to do to gain this stone of great power. It is well guarded by Hagir and his henchmen and now also some constructs. The power Hagir has over the population in this asylum is undoubted.
I say we poison them with the disease we contracted, then, with the odds much more in our favor we can handle what is left of this Hagir.
I’m sure we’ll hear some madness about shooting it out with Hagir from the Southern officer. How did that culture ever manage to do anything by itself? Oh Wait! They didn’t.

Nine Coins


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