Black Eyed Pete




I was born Pete Lowe

I had a good childhood, my parents were mercenaries and although we traveled a lot seeing a lot of strange lands and meeting many exotic people. You see Dad wanted me in the family business, mom did not. She wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer or such. Dad taught me how to hunt, fish and shoot. Mom taught me to read and think things through. But fate had something else in store for me. At the age of 15 I rebelled as most children do, but I took it farther than most. I ran away.

Things were good, I was making a name for myself. I never felt bad for what I was doing. I was making money living the exciting life. Money, whores, booze all was for the taking. Then came the day that fickle bitch called fate interfered in my life. After the dust settled more than a few lay dead, I made it out with just a few holes.

Black Eyed Pete

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