Through the Breach

The Barn of Horror and the girl of doom.

I got sick of waiting around and decided to go looking for supply. We luck out and find what looks to be a mostly un-raided store. The other 2 guys walk up and giggle the lock and the door just opens up. We walk in and start looking around from the back I hear a girl talking it turns out the door was suppose to be locked. So we move on and look at some other building and find a bank. Nothing much to find but little kid with a gun. He tells us there is a monster in the barn we where staying in. I run to tell the others as a big scarecrow strikes at us. We barely get out in time and keep going. Find some other locals a man who is damn near a forge him self and we lucky stumble in to a Doc to get use taken care off. All of a sudden I feel light headed and see some weird smoke. Covering up my mouth. Upon seeing my traveling party going loopy I slam the latter I am carrying in to them. They snap out of it for a bit and young girl walks out of the smoke. I she is a spawn of hell and I unload in to her. They trying to fight off the ghost she looks to have spawned. After some shoots that would have killed an living thing she wandered off.


shadowopal rb_man

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