Through the Breach

Letter from home (to Jebediah)

Dear Jeb,
Work on the farm has slowed as the fall weather has been cold and wet. We haven’t been able to get into the fields to do our harvest. Pastor says it is because of the stones. He blames everything on the stones, but every Sunday up he stands and asks us for more.
I’m afraid an early hard frost could cause us to lose everything. We’d be hard pressed this winter then.
I will tell you this, the stones make farming easier, powering all the big equipment for the field work and the storage units where we process and store the harvest, waiting to transport it to market.
Even then, stones are used to power the tractors to the co-op and then from there to the market.
I just don’t know how we did it before there were stones. Yet, they are expensive and becoming more so. I blame that damn guild, controlling everything coming from Maulifaux. They say there are stones laying on the ground for anyone to pickup, but the guild is stopping them from coming back here to Quebec. It’s the fault of the Franco-phones I say. The Anglophones in T-town and in the Ottawa Valley don’t like the frogs, never have.
Mary, from down in Kingston, was at the fall fair. We had a big party there, with all the church folks coming to a dance. There was a grand dance.
Do you remember Henry’s sister, Ann? You had a crush on her when you was little. She was there. She’s still unattached and as pretty as a peach.
Mary said she ran into you while she was in T-town. I’d have thought you might be working for an engineering company with your brains. But she said she saw you standing in line to get a visa to Maulifaux.
Please don’t go. I’ve heard awful stories of the men and even worse of the monsters there.
Why you’d want to go, or any body for that matter, is beyond me when there are opportunities enough right here. So, listen to your mother and come on home.
The Miller blacksmithery is going to come up for sale, with all Miller’s book of customers too. You could live here, live in the town, and deal with iron and fire, like you’ve always loved to do. You could create those fancy toys powered by stones if you took a liking to working with them. I’m sure you have the head for it.
Winter is coming on. Make sure you bundle up nice and tight. Get some good shoes for heavens sake. Those old boots you wear are as thin as cardboard. Wear your hat and a good muffler.
I’m working on knitting some mittens for you. I know they’d be no good for your work, but I bet they’d look nice if you was taking someone out.
Did I mention Ann is still single?2014-03-17-mcupload_532216e187971.jpg


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