Through the Breach

Kermit's Journal: Further Adventures in the Quarantine Zone

I woke up. [Up to 2 HP] We were still making our way through the Quarantine Zone to the homesteader’s block.

A couple of the group heard a voice call out on a nearby block, and we turned and realized it was the young lady from the swamp. She had been set upon by a little girl with some malevolent magical candy. We went to rescue the young lady. We fought the little girl and her minions. Finally, she disappeared in a cloud of cotton candy.

We reached the homesteader’s block. We noticed the gang who told us to stay off their block had followed us. The homesteader said, “This is our block.” They said they’d had a lot of trouble with this block and offered to help us clear it and hold it.

We opened the doors on the saloon, and supernatural critters tumbled out. We fought some little goblin-type creatures and then some fearsome creatures called Neverborn. I was not terribly helpful, but I was glad when we had cleared the saloon.

Inside the saloon, the gang’s librarian asked me to help her put up magical protections around the building. I said I’d have to be shown what to do, but I was happy to help. She showed me some enchantments that were approved by The Guild. It took about two hours to protect the saloon, with me both helping and hindering.

A few of the combined group went out scavenging for supplies on the block.


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