Through the Breach

Jazzmyne Talks About Ms Eloise

Mah daddy would be so proud. We are traveling with a truly refined lady. Ms. Eloise married a real scientist and he was able to keep her alive after she died. Even in Malifaux, that is amazing. Imagine if you could take the person that you love and make them the size of a goddess! We found her with a bunch of gods and goddesses who have lost their power. Some of the men are trying to figure out how to bring them back to life. This man Harold doesn’t say very much, but he figured out how to bring Ms. Eloise with us and thinks he can recharge her. I hope so. She is the kind of woman who provides a wonderful chaperone for me [Daddy probably won’t even have to inspect me when I get home to the swamp when he finds out I was accompanied by a 12-foot tall refined lady.] and I think I can learn so much from her.

Kermit seemed to think we would need to go to a library they found. I didn’t really want to leave Ms. Eloise, but I became excited when I found out the information at the library might extend her power. And everyone was so friendly! When we went through some of the blocks, people came out and watched us as if we were in a parade. I felt so important—so excited. But, something happened to remind me that these were dangerous blocks. One nice man had his personal army bring out their big guns to make sure we were able to get through the block safely. I thought it might be overkill and one of our group thought we might be in danger ourselves. How could we be in danger with all of that cover? You’d think our two military guys, the colonel and that Dan guy would have known better.

What was really interesting was finding the house of Ms. Eloise’s husband, Albus Grand 10 (at least, I figure his real last name must be 10 because Ms. Eloise changed her name from 01 to 10 at some point). It had all these flickering lights like a whole bunch of people trying to signal you at once. Harold said it was a message, but he couldn’t figure out what they were saying. I don’t see why so many of them have to signal all at once. I don’t know which flash to look at. There was a machine just like the one we saw where we found Ms. Eloise, only smaller. I wish we could use it to help Ms. Eloise stay strong, but Harold wanted to wait till we saw the whole message. Well, it’s okay with me. I get to stay with Ms. Eloise.

I wish we would have had those cannon on the next block. A terrible nightmare crashed out of one the buildings like a firework being shot off. But he wasn’t pretty like those fireworks! He was a puss-filled, gooey mess of tentacles (sort of like one of the men trying to inspect me that Daddy had to knock out with an axe because he tried to defile me and I wasn’t about to be deforested by the likes of him—I’m saving myself for someone like Ms. Eloise did).

I was so frightened by this gooey octopus of pus that I ran away. Ms. Eloise didn’t, but she didn’t fight him either. My companions had to blast this monstrosity. Ms. Eloise just stood there like the refined woman she is. Next time, I’m going to stand!


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