Through the Breach

The Death of Hagir

After planning an epic assault, the actual attack on Hagir was a cock-up. I pounded on the office door for Hagir to help us as the inmates were going crazy. I cried out that I was afraid for the little girl as the inmates were going crazy.
The fact is the inmates are crazy.
The little girl had created some sort of noise or distraction. Most of Hagir’s minions ran out at that point, leaving his chief minion, Chinwendu Ihejirika.
I unloaded my collier pistol, but she seemed to be expecting us and easily dodged.
Then the fight was on. I landed a number of good hits on ChinWenDu, as did theblacksmith. The learned gentleman also seemed able to effect ChinWenDu.
We were finally able to take down ChinWenDu. But that left us with Hagir. He had been working on some magic and proved a very tough customer indeed.
At one point in the fight he KO’d me. When I came to he was in a nasty fight with the learned gentleman, the little girl and the blacksmith.
Hagir concentrated on the learned gentleman while the little girl opened fire with a shot gun. I slipped in behind Hagir and tried to beat him.
At that time the blacksmith was able to slice off the arm of Hagir, catch the dagger in the air and stick it into Hagir’s throat.
Needless to say Hagir was dead.
The inmates were screaming as the leaned gentleman searched Hagir’s office for soulstones. During all this the Colonel and John Williams VC were ill in the padded room. We saw that their bodies were being dragged down the hallway by some of the inmates and tried to rescue them. Then we took some of the soul stones that the lerned gentleman had decided not to take with us and threw them down the hallway, fleeing in the opposite direction.
It was a difficult escape to the stairway, but we did get out of the building.

Four Coins


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