Through the Breach

First night in the zone.

We woke up the girl found out she did not have any thing of use. But we did get the boy his money back. There is nothing left for me now so i should just go in the Zone with the pilgrim. So I went and signed up with him. So we dived in to the zone head first. The first few blocks still near the wall there was nothing. Was smoove sailing until we ran in to a another group, There was a good old fashion Mexican stand off. Diverting from the route we did not have any trouble until we saw a kid running for his life. In a place like this nothing to weird about that. But then from the shadows walking dead bodies WITH FUCKING SWORDS. I unload in to them with the buck shot on my pistol and shot one in the face. They swarm up take out the book learner and the Brit looks to be failing close combat. After downing a few the kid shows back up and it looks like they are bring the dead back to life. This kid is a abomination so I just lay in to it. After that we drop the rest of them and we decide to hide in a barn to let everyone heal up a bit and for the book learner to make up.


shadowopal rb_man

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