Through the Breach

Children here grow up fast

Dear Momma,
I wish you wouldn’t worry about me. Maulifaux is not as worrisome as the stories we’ve heard. I’m thinkin’ the stories of Maulifaux were meant to scare us kids. There’s nothin’ here so scary as a winter night in Churchill when the bears are loose and on the hunt.
There was a time Grampa took me and Tony’s kid up to Churchill on a tradin’ mission. How is Tony doin? I can’t remember the name of his kid. Funny how you don’t see people and their names and faces become ghostly and forgotten.
What waz I sayin’?
We was up in Churchill tradin’ stones with the natives when a whole herd of the big white beasts came into town. People up there think nothin more of those bears than we think of a skunk. Sure it’s a nuisance, but you just give it room and stay away from it and everythin’s fine.
Well Tony’s kid, what was his name? He and I didn’t know no better and we went up to a small one. That was a mistake. His (her?) momma came on pretty strong, tore clear across a hockey rink and towards us.
We was scared. Tony’s kid pee’d his pants. I just stood there. Grampa said my eyes were as big as saucers, that I was lightin’ up the whole town with all the white in my eyes.
Grampa started firin’ at that bear.
I could feel it’s breath when it finally was brought down. That’s how close the bear got.
Well, it’s sort of like that here.
There’s a little girl here who I had to be mean to several times. She pretty p.o.‘d at me I tell ya.
There’s a kid with us and he scared of her. A girl with us too. Don’t know what that little girl done, but she a mean one and I want to stay out of her way. But she a mean one and she mad at me now. I had to tell her to back off twice now.
Don’t understand why children here so grown up so fast. They should be children first.


shadowopal pat783earthling

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