Through the Breach

The Death of Hagir

After planning an epic assault, the actual attack on Hagir was a cock-up. I pounded on the office door for Hagir to help us as the inmates were going crazy. I cried out that I was afraid for the little girl as the inmates were going crazy.
The fact is the inmates are crazy.
The little girl had created some sort of noise or distraction. Most of Hagir’s minions ran out at that point, leaving his chief minion, Chinwendu Ihejirika.
I unloaded my collier pistol, but she seemed to be expecting us and easily dodged.
Then the fight was on. I landed a number of good hits on ChinWenDu, as did theblacksmith. The learned gentleman also seemed able to effect ChinWenDu.
We were finally able to take down ChinWenDu. But that left us with Hagir. He had been working on some magic and proved a very tough customer indeed.
At one point in the fight he KO’d me. When I came to he was in a nasty fight with the learned gentleman, the little girl and the blacksmith.
Hagir concentrated on the learned gentleman while the little girl opened fire with a shot gun. I slipped in behind Hagir and tried to beat him.
At that time the blacksmith was able to slice off the arm of Hagir, catch the dagger in the air and stick it into Hagir’s throat.
Needless to say Hagir was dead.
The inmates were screaming as the leaned gentleman searched Hagir’s office for soulstones. During all this the Colonel and John Williams VC were ill in the padded room. We saw that their bodies were being dragged down the hallway by some of the inmates and tried to rescue them. Then we took some of the soul stones that the lerned gentleman had decided not to take with us and threw them down the hallway, fleeing in the opposite direction.
It was a difficult escape to the stairway, but we did get out of the building.

Four Coins

Kermit's Journal: Return to the Main Building

The bounty hunter came around after his bout with the plague. We tried to catch him up, and then we started discussing how to reacquire the large soulstone in the possession of Hagir which was needed to fully power Eloise.

I had previously underestimated the gentleman due to his being a francophone, but he and I seemed to be of a similar mind regarding the plan for approaching Hagir. We both thought it apt to ask him first to negotiate a trade for the soulstone and then, failing that, to attack him.

We asked the doctor how to best leave his floor without encountering the plague again. He merely nodded, and the gentleman suggested we take the stairwell. We went up the stairwell off of room #7 on the map, and we emerged outside building #37, far from Hagir’s main building.

I summoned a ball of light. An eerie green light appeared near the little girl. As we made the trip, the blacksmith humored the little girl’s questions about Hagir’s headquarters. The bounty hunter started rambling about gargoyles. We continued into the courtyard of the main building. The eerie green light moved ahead of us, catching glints of metal rushing toward us. I moved my light forward, bringing into view some small clockwork servants. One growled and another grabbed the bounty hunter’s gun. Then we heard Hagir’s voice, and he recognized us. He said the “ghost light” concerned them, but it was probably safe since none of us were resurrectionists.

The bounty hunter got his gun back, and we followed the clockwork creatures into the main building. They skittered up the pile of furniture in the stairwell. We followed, not alarmed about making noise since our presence was already known. The door at the top was already open. The little girl reached the top first and went through. We arrived near room #1.

Hagir was in the center of the corridor. He welcomed us back and bid us talk to him in his office.

We walked past the rooms off the same entryway as Hagir’s office (#17). The door to room #18 was still open, and the desk was still inside. This time I noticed the oak door to room #17 was ornately carved with the words “Chief Surgeon’s Office” with “Former” crudely added above them.

In Hagir’s office, Chinwendu and the two other guards stood up from the couch and took their positions.

The group wisely elected me their leader, and I explained our purpose to Hagir. He said he had no knowledge of a soulstone of this size. I asked if he had heard rumors of one somewhere within the asylum. He said he could look into it.

The bounty hunter jumped in with a plethora of questions demonstrating his low station and intellect. Seeking to rescue our host from this embarrassment, I asked for accommodations for the night at the same moment the gentleman asked for the little girl to be taken to the toilet. She latched onto the blacksmith, and one of the guards led them out. (I later learned from the blacksmith that room #12 is a toilet marked “Females.”) Hagir said of course we could stay, they’d already made arrangements. Chinwendu stood by the doorway and gestured for us to go into the hallway. Once we were out, she closed the door to Hagir’s office. We walked down the hallway toward room #3, the padded room where we had bunked before, and met the blacksmith and the little girl in the hallway.

[End with 7 Fate, spend 6 Fate on 2 XP to raise 2 skills from 1 to 2, Start with 1 Fate]

Wyncrest Asylum and the Stones of Power

It is difficult to understand the way things are, here in this darkness. The Homesteader has been taken from us and a strange little girl has claimed to be him. Sometimes she talks like the Homesteader and sometimes with a strange knowledge that I find very disturbing.
We left the underground lair of the resurrectionists to return to Hagir‘s. Hagir is said to have in his possession a soulstone that will power Eloise.
Yet, on meeting Hagir he is denying this.
Our learned companion, who I now trust with leading the party, stepped forward. He states that he feels the soulstone itself, or one that is very large, within Hagir’s office.
How he knows this thing is beyond my understanding.
So we are now trying to understand what to do to gain this stone of great power. It is well guarded by Hagir and his henchmen and now also some constructs. The power Hagir has over the population in this asylum is undoubted.
I say we poison them with the disease we contracted, then, with the odds much more in our favor we can handle what is left of this Hagir.
I’m sure we’ll hear some madness about shooting it out with Hagir from the Southern officer. How did that culture ever manage to do anything by itself? Oh Wait! They didn’t.

Nine Coins

What, Where am I?

Finally I am able to be released. We ask the nurse to send word to Albus that we are here and Eloise is here with us. There is a commotion in the hall way, damn Jebediah is getting in trouble again. Kermit is starting to annoy me, I am Pete, yes I’m stuck in a little girl’s body but I am me. Her constant manspalining is going to get on my nerves.

Out in the hallway the doctor is screaming about who let Jebediah out. Hey I was dead, and the nurses were with me the whole time. He proceeds to question us. Harold says something and the doctor begins to look strange at him, next thing you know ol boy is spillin his guts. Not good if you have secrets, but oh well at least it is not me.

Journal of Dr. Smith (Entry 49)

Why am I standing here with a gun, and who the hell are you people. This appears to be a hospital. This man says he is a doctor and he asks me to go into his office. After a while I realize what has happened. Relief. After learning where I am and what has transpired, this young man Kermit keeps trying to tell me what to do. This will not stand as clearly I am more intelligent than this person.

I ask and am granted access to examine the patient files. As I thought. Still not sure what to think, I will have to try something to see if I can speak with the others. A plague, while elegant in its design has been determined to be magical in nature. I wonder if I still have my magical abilities. I know I feel different, mainly since I am stuck in a girl’s body.

A man named Albus is here, speaking of a large soul gem. I put up some ideas and Kermit again, decides to interject and say the exact same thing I just said. This will get old fast. I must make a note to remove his tongue if it get to difficult to handle. I digress, it seems that this group has meet the person who has the gem and want to get it. To install it in a large statue of a woman. This is an interesting thought. I wonder if I could do something like that. I know I can animate small puppets, maybe a corpse or two. This bears looking into. If it works I might be able to splint these personalities back into separate bodies. Must study more and gather information.

At least she survived, in some way. This is all I ask.

Kermit's Journal: The Brilliance of Dr. Atanasov

We were brought into Room 11 in the basement of asylum building we thought was building #9, though we had gotten rather lost in the sewers. The Québécois was locked in Room 14.

The little girl ran into Room 9 and started picking up the homesteader’s belongings. I began interviewing her. She said she saw the grim reaper and then was alive again – in a little girl’s body. She insisted her name was Pete. She said she felt different and everyone was much taller now. While I was interviewing the little girl, the blacksmith left. There was a nurse cleaning up the room, and the little girl told her she felt much better and asked how to get out. The nurse said the doctor has to authorize her release. I went to wait outside Dr. Atanasov’s office, hoping to ask him all my questions about the procedure.

I asked, “How’d you know it would work?”

Dr. Atanasov explained, “I’ve been under the impression that Guild-sanctioned magic is the perfect way to transfer one soul to another. And then after my discussion with Albus, we came up with a plan. We just had to find the right soulstones. I did not expect the soulstones to – explode.”

The little girl came in, and Dr. Atanasov said, “You’ve essentially gained 15 years. … Let’s do a checkup. … Reflexes a little slow, but given that your body was nearly dead, not surprising. In bringing back the near-dead, sometimes the mental attributes degrade and become open to other Guild-sanctioned magic users’ commands. We used the twin stones, so that shouldn’t happen. But if you come across any Guild-sanctioned magic users, you might want to give them wide berth.”

We enquired about Albus Grand’s whereabouts. Dr. Atanasov said, “On the grounds, not in this building. Most likely with the tinkers. We can send a message.” The blacksmith and I agreed it was safer to stay there and have Albus come to us.

The little girl was hungry, and the nurses brought food for everyone.

I asked Dr. Atanasov why, with his brilliance at surgery and Guild-sanctioned magic, he did not escape the asylum and rise to great professional acclaim. He replied, “My reputation as a surgeon was muddied by my incarceration in this facility which was completely unwarranted. I just have different tools at my disposal in Malifaux than I did earthside. Fortunately Albus saw my worth, and after the nasty overthrow that the Naturalists performed, we were able to progress both of our researches.”

With relative calm in the medical facility, we began talking about Eloise and our search for a permanent power source for her, which we believed Grand had devised. Dr. Atanasov examined the lady’s stomach and found a small soulstone inside. He said he thought Grand has found the right stone. The blacksmith and I moved closer and read instructions written on, essentially, Eloise’s ribcage. They specified the soulstone necessary to fully power Eloise and noted a smaller one would work as an engine but would be unable to hold a persona and explained that was why Eloise required instructions from a gauntlet wearer.

What the little girl sang

The tune sung by the little girl as she studies

I was able to escape from the room I had been imprisoned in, but was unable to complete my escape from the facility in which we are being held. To attempt the escape I had prepared syringes of ether, hoping the flesh constructs would be susceptible to the charms of ether.

However that did not turn out to be the case. The constructs shrugged off the ether and kept guard on us.

There is a disturbing little girl with the group. She identified herself as a doctor though the group had said it was the strange homesteader whose incarceration had led us to this charnel house.

He uses two names: Fitzburrough-Smith. I had thought he could be related, but no, he spells his name in a different and strange way: with an ‘i’. Very disturbing.

Elloise has discovered her ‘maker’, Albus Grand. Would that he took a bath he would be more pleasant. The darkness around the eyes and the gawd-awful smell about the man is enough to knock a man over.

I’ve put aside some ‘addy-ren-alone’ which the learned man claims is a last ditch stimulus for those in a near death state. I don’t know how we’ll use this. But it could be of use.

I also have a supply of the ether. It could be used as a fuel for a fire, and in its liquid form could be very useful in bottles, sort of like the oil that is sometimes used back on Earth among some people.

The silly ‘gentleman’ has been very quiet for the last few hours. What a relief. I suspect he was the one who blew me in to the doctor. I wait and watch for a time to have my revenge.

7 Fate Points
1 Magic Point


The construct that kidnapped the homesteader set a fast pace, disappearing into a building in this asylum. We had already lost ground on it, but as fortune had it, the missing members of the group showed as we arrived at the last point of contact.
As usual, the ‘gentleman’ was bravely going into the unknown with no idea of what was being faced. I should have encouraged him to go on and left him right there.
But, we organized our explorations and shedding our fears we entered after the lost companion.
The building was a large maze of a place, larger even then the buildings we had previously explored.
We were surprised, at one point, to detect a breeze in a small closet like room off the main corridor. Further exploration indicated the air movement was coming from some rubble in a corner. Our explorations could find no way to move the rubble, though the learned gentleman insisted that we couldn’t see what was happening.
The construct named Eloise said she agreed that our perceptions were wrong. There was an access to a passage below.
She grabbed something that I saw as a rock and suddenly I could hear the sound of metal on metal.
It wasn’t Eloise. What was it?
Eloise pulled back whatever she had been working on and a hatch appeared, just as Eloise and Kermit had said. It led down.
When we climbed down, there was an underground passage, leading off generally to the north and the south. Side passages merged and exited from the main passage, if it can be described as such. I felt totally lost here and followed as the others found clues that guided us through this dark place.
Even the efforts of the colonel were of some use, surprise. And the efforts of Kermit, though they seemed reasonable to me, sometimes led us astry.
However, we came upon an underground complex. Kermit warned us that his studies had indicated that there were probably resurectionists here. These resurectionists were dangerous and the guild wanted to destroy them.
I just hoped we could locate the homesteader before these monsters completed whatever plan they had for him— and for us.
I’ll skim over our first encounter with the resurectionists, an event that was marked by the murder of an old man by the young one with the fast guns. I’d hoped to capture the man and perhaps make him talk, but the young one said he was starting an incantation and time was of the essence.
Soon we were surrounded by four constructs each as large as Eloise. There were also women who identified themselves as nurses. They told us Black Eyed Pete was undergoing an operation. They said that he might not be saved, but that the doctor would try.
This worried me and my fellow travellers. How could we be sure of them? Who were they? How had they, so conveniently, come here to this place to ‘help’ Pete?
We tried to leave the room, but were prevented doing so by the constructs. I was thinking of how we could overcome them when the illness overcame Kermit. He collapsed on the floor and looked awful. I was feeling somewhat nauseated by this and fell back in confusion?
The women said they had to save Kermit. What? They said we had been exposed to plague in the passages. Whether this biologic horror was part of their defense or had been employed against them by some horrible opponent was not clear. I tried to stay with Kermit, but finally had to watch him wheeled away to some unknown horror.
The young man, John, followed, then the colonel and the other blacksmith. I stood alone, with the four constructs blocking my access to my fellows. The women explained that they were working to save my fellows, then there was blackness.
I awoke some time, I don’t know how long, later. I was in a small room. A scream was heard in the distance. OH GOD! They are torturing John Williams!
I opened the door to find the others, not looking as well as I, but also alarmed.
The nurses and a doctor had worked on us, curing whatever ailment has beset us. But Williams was in trouble. He had a bad reaction, we were later told. He had an alergy to the medication and was in danger of being lost.
Pete meanwhile was also undergoing a strange treatment and he was nearly lost, or is. I can’t explain it all, but the others say Pete has a second and new identity: He is a she or something.
Such a thing is impossible to consider and I may need to evaluate whether Pete is truly Pete or not. How can I trust such a thing with my life in combat? A He/She in a girls body is what I understand.
We had to know if these experiments were for evil purpose, or whether, as the nurses said, they were to cure us.
Seizing the moment, I began exploring this place. In one locked room I found a journal.
To me it had no value. But perhaps Kermit could decipher it?
I stole away with it, but was found out. The details are not important, but suffice it to say I overhead the Colonel give me up. I’ll need to settle the score when I can.
In the meantime, the book or journal is lost and I am locked in the small room. My examination of my prison is discouraging. I will need to batter my way out.
But there must be a way—-

I am Pete. I am Lily

I awaken on a table, someone is speaking. A man. He is saying that I’m very injured. He is some sawbones and is trying to save my life. Wait what did he say about my arms needing to be removed. 

As darkness over takes me I am reminded of my past, memories that are slowly fading. More memories this time of a little girl, they seem familiar. Almost as if they were mine.

I awaken to see a little girl playing with her brother in her room. The boy leaves, this all seems so familiar. I wave at the girl, she sees me. Her name is Lily, my name is Lily. No I’m Pete. We speak, she says the doc has kept her alive until parts could be found. This is not good, I think I’m the parts. As we speak, a wolf howls outside by the door.

We continue to talk, all this is so strange. A knock at the door, Lily says its for me. As I open the door I realize who is there. It is the phantom of death. Death itself has come for me. Seeing my misdeeds flash before my eyes I almost wish I was back home. I wish I would have been a farmer like my pa wanted. Oh well to late for that. Death is here and now it’s my time. 

He says that my time is to early and that I can live, only it won’t be as I was. I wonder what that means.

He touches me and I feel the I cold hands of fate grabbing me. I feel as though I can wake up. I do and holy mother of god. I’m in a little girls body, this is so wrong. Now more than ever I would like to be home. But we deal with what is handed to us. My friends are there, the doc asks my name. Damn you sawbones. I am PETE. He then asks if Lily is in here. I think on it and can feel the little girl. He seems happy and runs off to make notes or some such. 

After trying to get used to a little girls body, we all hear the doc dreaming that something is missing. He starts asking everyone. At least I have a great cover. I was dead. The col. asks if I’m touching me. What nonsense is he speaking. All these questions, damn man I just woke up. Leave me alone or I will shoot you in the face.

At least all my equipment is here, damn belt is to big. This is gonna be a rough one. As I finally finish getting my gear together I see the doc’s locking a door and saying they will find the truth. Even if it requires inflicting pain. This is getting bad, and turning worse.

As I begin my new life in this girls body, I am wondering if this cursed land is done or is there more wyrdness to come.

As the train flier said bad this happen.

Kermit's Journal: Procedure for Transfer of a Soul and Other Medical Treatment with Soulstones

We gave chase to the creature which snatched up the homesteader and saw it abscond with our friend into a certain building, the one which was marked on the map as #59. At the same time, the blacksmith and I spotted the soldier and the bounty hunter and called them to join us.

We entered the dark building, and I conjured a ball of light to help guide our way. We came upon a mound of rocks. I could tell instantly these rocks were not the genuine article, but the others were convinced of their substantiality. I chanted my counterspelling rote and the illusion fell from my eyes. Through the gossamer stones, I could clearly make out a crank wheel attached to some kind of hatch door. I approached it and tried to turn the wheel, but I had not the strength to move the rusty machinery. The bounty hunter stepped up to help but still could not perceive the wheel hidden among the illusory rocks. I guided his hands to the wheel, but he was not able to make much progress. Someone suggested Eloise try, and for once I was glad to let the lady try a feat of strength, for she could actually see the wheel, and with her unnatural strength she quickly opened the hatch.

The hatch opened into a straight shaft down with a ladder affixed to the side. I sent my ball of light below so we could see the nature of the abyss before journeying further. The bounty hunter went down and said the shaft led to a tunnel that went off in two directions. “I think it’s down here. Get down here,” he called. We all went down, with Eloise taking the rear. We found ourselves not in a sewer nor a hastily dug escape shaft but in a subterranean hallway connecting the buildings, presumably so the hospital staff and patients could travel in inclement weather without exposing themselves to the elements.

We all tried to determine the direction in which the creature might have taken the homesteader. I found three important clues, but the others said I had guided them the wrong way and the same wrong way twice! Stupid illiterates! Without listening to my advice, it took the group just around two hours to bumble through the tunnels before arriving at a door behind which we heard noises. I took this time to educate the lady Eloise on poetry. The other men might not listen to me even though I’m correct, but at least Eloise knows she is a simple-minded creature and took heed of my lecture.

When we ventured through the door toward the noise, we found ourselves in a very clean, surprisingly sanitary area with a set of stairs. We went past a morgue-like room with corpses in various states of re-assembly. The blacksmith inquired about this, and I knew instantly this was the work of the blasphemous Resurrectionists of whom I had read in The Guild’s instructive tome, the “Thalarian Doctrine.” I explained this and that the Guild rightly instructed us to destroy them at all costs. We continued our explorations and found a group of nurses who were being held captive by large constructs similar to the one who snatched the homesteader. Clearly these minions worked for the dreaded Resurrectionists. I assured the nurses we could free them from their captivity, but they insisted they were there by choice. It was obvious to me that the Resurrectionists had used their considerable sinister powers to overwhelm and control these ladies’ childlike minds. Then suddenly I felt lightheaded.

I came around to find myself in a small room with bustling nurses and the large constructs blocking the exit door. I saw some clear liquid was being introduced directly to my blood stream and was certain the Resurrectionists had introduced some nerve gas into the room with the nurses and were about to extinguish my life with their formaldehyde. However, strangely, I began to feel better and better as I lay there. Not the deadly bliss described in the opium literature but truly a return to better health. As I came around, I noticed soulstone in one of the tanks slowly dripping into my veins.

I was just feeling like myself when a bearded man with tattooed hands rushed in and said, “I notice something with your aura.” I replied that I was a learned scholar of the magical arts, and he requested my help with the procedure to save the homesteader, who the nurses said had been grievously injured. Wanting to aid our dear friend the homesteader, I agreed to help immediately. I followed the bearded man around the corner and into another, larger room. The mangled homesteader was laid out on one table, and a little girl lay on another. The bearded man handed me a soulstone of the largest size and highest quality I had heretofore beheld. He directed me to hold it over the homesteader’s head. Then he produced a second soulstone which I would swear before the apostles was of identical size and quality, though I know, as does every person educated in the science of soulstones, that no two soulstones are identical.

The bearded man held this stone above the little girl’s head and began chanting an incantation. I cannot remember the entirety of the lengthy invocation, however, one line in particular stuck in my mind: “After you bleed the coal from the bones.” I feel certain I have heard this odd phrase before but cannot recall where. I feel some association with a sudden flash of pitch-black darkness and a feeling of weightlessness and otherworldliness.

The bearded man finished his chant, and I could tell the homesteader’s soul had transferred from his twisted body into the soulstone in my very hands. Outside the room, I heard a commotion as some of the others saw the homesteader’s breast cease to rise. With his wounds, this was the obvious outcome, but I didn’t have time to inform my companions. Something was going wrong with the procedure. The bearded man looked panicked. Eloise came into the room. She said this was what she was built for. She said she was supposed to hold a soul. She was arguing with the blacksmith that this was her destiny when the bearded man noticed the blacksmith’s metal hand. The bearded man commanded the blacksmith to place his metal hand between the two soulstones over the patients’ heads. Suddenly it acted as a conduit, and the power of the homesteader’s soul leapt from the soulstone in my hands to the blacksmith’s metal hand, and then it arced into the bearded man’s soulstone and drained into the little girl. So impressed was I that I did not notice until a moment later that the soulstone in my hands as well as the one in the bearded man’s grip had both cracked.

The little girl opened her eyes. The bounty hunter introduced himself and asked the little girl her name. She said, “Black-Eyed Pete” – the homesteader’s name!

“I had no idea this procedure would be this successful!” cried the bearded man, and he ran out of the room.

The soldier called out after him, “But what about the dark shadow?” The bearded man replied he had no time and had to take some notes.

The blacksmith was asking Eloise if she still thought she was needed in this strange place, and she was saying something about not here but “to house a soul.”

Then the bearded man screamed from the other room, “Where is it?” One of the nurses said he was looking for a book. The bounty hunter went around to the different rooms and found it in one of the patient rooms where we had been treated with the soulstone infusion. The bearded man shouted, “How dare you? I cured you all, and this is the thanks I get.” The bounty hunter asked why we were suspected of moving the book. The bounty hunter replied with the whereabouts of each of our group since our arrival – always under the strict supervision of the nurses and the constructs.

Finally the bounty hunter said, “Who’s missing, skulking around, hiding out? Blackie!” I had thought the Québécois man a gentleman, but those people are known for their thieverous ways.

Suddenly the soldier shouted, “Gun!” However, the action to which he was alluding was simply the bearded man taking a key from his pocket. He then used the key to lock up the Québécois into one of the rooms. The blacksmith spoke on his behalf, saying they did not find the book on his person or in his presence. One of the nurses told him the book had been in the bearded man’s locked office, and the Québécois was seen in that very office. She said it would be up to the bearded man – whom she referred to as “the doctor” – to determine what to do with the Québécois.

With calm restored, I took a moment to commit my own scribbled notes to my journal. Perhaps the discovery of this procedure would be the breakthrough to restore my reputation and allow me to return to the Oxford University of Metaphysical Studies.

Crazy nights, crazy days.

We just settle down for the night and hear the inmates going crazy, nothing out of the ordinary. Wait they are shoutin intruder.  We all go to see what is going on. All the inmates are screaming and running towards the door that we came in when we arrived. Jedediah is standing there, the inmates are going after him. I step forward and yell out that we are supposed to be here, the boss gave us permission. That pauses them for a few brief seconds, long enough for the boss to come see what is happening. After some explaining everyone calms down and we head back to bed. I go and get some food, I need something else besides jerky. After trading with an inmate I head back to get some shut eye.

The next mornin everything is good, we decide to head back to my block and get Elouise to try and find her creator. 

Our trip back to my block and then back again to the asylum was uneventful. As we headed deeper into the asylum grounds we are attacked by creatures. They seem to be of the dead. As the world goes dark I see my friends trying to come after me. 


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