Through the Breach

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
The first foray

The wheels of your car of the long Iron Dragon clatter on the Iron Rails. It’s almost soothing. The pattern lulls you to near sleep. You are in a car of passengers trying to get as comfortable as they can in the tight spaces the train seating affords. Between the people and their luggage, their isn’t much room for air. Plus, it’s hot. Seems like most people are overdressed. People wearing their finest for the train ride. It is an event even in this age of magic returning to Earth.

But, this train is even more special because it is carrying you all to Malifaux! The land of oppertunity. That used to be America. But, with Soulstone fetching a much higher price than gold, many people have gone Breachside in an attempt to make an early retirement. You being one of them.

You can hear a few socialites talking about the crossover. Seems one of them has been over at least once before. Must be the son of a rich family. Most don’t crossover into Malifaux twice. Too costly unless you’re carrying mechandise. this fop just looks like a dandy though. Not a merchant. He’s braggin to his cohorts about the feeling of crossing through the breach. He brags that it’s no big deal and that it feels great. but, you can see by the wild look he gets for a second that his trip was not an altogether pleasant one. You’ve heard the tales. For some it’s nothing for others it’s better than sex. For others still it’s madness inducing. And that’s not even mentioning the ones who come away from the experience a little “touched”. They change. Some it’s personality. Some it’s a physical change. Some few even start being able to cast spells and all kinds of weirdness. There are even rumors of a few who turn into monsters. Demons from Nightmares. It’s enough to scare off all but the bravest of entrprenures. But, not you. You’ll be just fine….you hope. The rhythmic lullaby of the train finally manages to put you to sleep. Might as well not fight it. It’s a long trip. You ask the person next to you to wake you when the Breach is coming up. You don’t want to miss that.

You feel someone tugging at your sleeve. Hey there….we’re at the Breach. Y’all best wake up if you want to…………..SILENCE. You rouse yourself and are greeted by inky black nothing. Is it night? Did the gaslamps go out? Doesn’t the Breach give off some kind of light? You feel around and touch nothing. The passenger next to you…gone. the floorboards of the traincar…..gone. Your seat….gone. The blackness supports you in your sleeping position withough being solid. Now that just ain’t right. Must have crossed Breachside. A thrill passes through you and you feel it’s tingle linger afterwards. It doesn’t seem to go away. You know it doesn’t take but a few seconds to pass through the Breach. But, you count minutes ticking away. Guess you may as well find something. You get up and start walking slowly forward with your arms outstretched hoping you’ll find a wall to follow.

Ahead You see a soft violet glow. You head towards it. You see a round table with 8 chairs. It seems to be made out of driftwood. Upon it are a few bones and what appears to be a voodoo doll. the object in the center of the table is what draws your eye the most. A crystal ball which is emitting a pulsing violet light. as you approach, you see other forms appear from the darkness into the circle of light from behind each of the chairs. you all take up position behind the seats you come up behind. You all look at each other. the others Seem to be normal. As you are about to ask who these people are, a haggard voice cackles from the dark space between your chair and another. “Welcome to Malifaux dearies. Have a seat. Let old Zorida tell your fortune.” A grizzled old woman leans forward out of the darkness smiling and pulls up her chair that wasn’t there a moment ago. “Sit…Sit Dearie. Humor an old woman won’t you? It won’t take long.”

What the hell. Might be good to know your fate in this new world. Plenty of things to avoid out there and as the saying goes….In Malifaux……Bad Things Happen.

Fredo's Diary of the Magickal World of Malifaux - Days One and Two
Cozzafrenzi in a Magickal New World

We are on a cramped train on the way into the Breach. We fall asleep. We are woken up by a passenger saying we’re just about to enter the Breach. We are in inky blackness, everything from the train gone. Other figures are here, and Old Zerida wants to tell our fortune. There are 7 others. She tells each of our fortunes while the others listen. Then we are back in the train.

Cedric de Calais and I go to The Star and watch the show. I am brought up on stage to confirm that there are no wires. I can’t figure out how they are doing this! It’s amazing! Cedric and I inquire about jobs and are told to check back tomorrow afternoon. We leave The Star at 3 bells and head to the Fox and Hound to find lodging.

In the morning, I wake up early, around 6. I grab breakfast and start walking along the nearest city wall. I walk for a couple hours and then turn back toward the Fox and Hound. When I get back, other people who were at The Star are awake finally and not feeling so great. Many are missing lots of corporate scrip, as much as 100$, but they’re all saying it’s worth it because it was the best night of their lives.

I heard a scuffle near the alchemist’s shop and saw some of the people who were on the train with me facing off against some Freikorps people. I used my magic and my gun to defend my fellow passengers against the Freikorps. After a couple shots were fired, the Guard showed up. I tried to run but was caught, but then they let everyone go anyway.

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 1)

I’m on the train, heading towards the breach. Finally I’m free. At least to a point. I still must be careful with my research.i wonder what will happen. Will I even know when I cross into Malifaux. All of a sudden it’s dark, I mean everything is black as night without starlight. I see a light off in the distance, that is strange, was I not just on a train? As I approach I see a table with 7 chairs around it. Then a cackling voice say please sit deary, I be Old Zerida wants to tell my fortune, wait our fortune since there are now other people here at the table with me. After what seems like forever I awaken on the train as we are pulling into the station. All the passengers are used into the city. Once there it’s all on me. I find a place to stay for the night, I need to look for work.

The next day I awaken around 10 in the morning, it seems someone is having a fight outside my window. Damn staying up late is not good, but it’s part of what I do. Looking out the window I see mor Ethan a few of the people I saw on the train, the people who had their fortune read with me. Seems we are linked somehow. They are battling what appear to be ninja, can’t be ninja don’t exist. Do they? I leap from my window to try to help.

I try to call upon the magic and fail, damn must need more practice. So I fall back on my profession as a saw bones, that’s doctor for those who know. The guild shows up and questions us about what happened. I tell them I was trying to help the wounded. They believe me and I’m free to go. Over the next day I spend most of my time in my room with the book.

Alas it’s time for me to find a job. I will start looking on the morrow.

Fredo's Diary of the Magickal World of Malifaux - Day 3
Adventure at the Soulstone Mine

I wake at 8 a.m. and eat breakfast at Miss Patty’s Pantry again. Then I set off to exploring the boundaries of this fascinating, magickal city known at Malifaux.

I’m walking past the Guild station when I see a number of the gentlemen who were involved in the ninja fight loading up some wagons and coaches out in front. I talk to them, and they are headed out beyond the city gates on some manner of fantastickal adventure. I wish I could join them, but I am dedicated to my newfound job at The Star. I pay the driver a script to drop me off in the vicinity of The Star.

I hop off the wagon. Cedric is right there, and he says I need I am wanted at The Star with utmost urgency. I return to the hotel for my costume and go to The Star. Miss Angelica says they want me to head out to the soulstone mine to collect and guard a shipment that’s coming back to The Star. She suggests I not go alone as it may be dangerous. I invite Cedric, and we decide to ask the gentlemen who are headed out the city gate if they’re willing to join us. Safety in numbers. We negotiate with Miss Angelica for $20 per man for 7 men, plus a soulstone for us.

We are easily able to catch the wagon train headed out of town as they’re stopped filling up on supplies. We negotiate for $15 per man plus a $3 ammunition allowance – provided they give me the receipts – for the 6 men here.

The stagecoach driver warns us to watch the western skies for the creatures that fly. The Chinaman asks what he means and he utters that word that all of us were thinking but feared to say – Neverborn. Thankfully we arrive at the mine uneventfully.

When we arrive, the mine workers tell us the injured man is trapped in a mine. I gather the Chinaman was sent out here to collect his and cure him with some of those herbs those Oriental types are so partial to. We venture into the mine, where they have the man sequestered behind a door. He seems addled by some demon and carries on, “Soulstones don’t talk. Soulstones don’t talk.” The mine’s doctor has given up on him. The Chinaman applies his herbs, and that seems to soothe this troubled soul – somewhat. The mine foreman locks him back up, and we decide to investigate the area where he was when his unfortunate condition began.

One of the gentlemen from the ninja fight seems to have found himself a job down here, and he leads us to the deep mine where the trouble began. We put our handkerchiefs over our faces and descend into the mine. The lamps change colors and then get brighter. There’s a great glow at the end of the tunnel.

When I approach the gorgeous glowing soulstone, I am overcome by its beauty. I have never seen soulstone of this power before. I must take this specific cache of soulstone back to The Star and take my stone from this cache. This soulstone wants to be free, to be near me. I can feel it within my gizzards. It is beautiful and I want to be with it, too.

Instinct tells me that the gentleman who led us down here is too new to do justice to this wondrous stone. I can’t articulate it to the others sufficient to convince them, so I head back the way we came to get that addled but experienced miner who I hope has been cured by the Chinaman’s herbs.

Wait, it was two lefts and a right, right? So to get back it’s two rights and a left and a left and – this doesn’t look familiar. Better backtrack. Fitzhugh Smith says we need to go one way, but I’m confident he’s wrong – silly man relying on his book learning to find his way through a mine! I agree to follow his path just to prove him wrong, but then lo and behold we arrive back at the cache. There are some skilled Chinamen working to free the soulstone. Is this even the same soulstone we were standing at? It was so bright, but now it’s dim, and there seems to be a dark object in the center. The foreman acts nervous. I’ve never heard of dark objects embedded in soulstone. Maybe that makes it complicated to get loose or something.

Suddenly something huge breaks out of the soulstone and I am blown back and knocked unconscious. Mayhaps I should’ve worn a helmet. Fitzhugh revives me, as good as new, and we flee the mine with the undertaker, the others having already ran out ahead of us.

We reach the entryway to the mine. Our compatriots have slain a manlike creature that bleeds black fluid. Fitzhugh sets to reviving the wounded. The mine workers seem to have fled into the wilderness.

The man who climbed the alchemist’s shop finds a cart of soulstone marked for The Star. I can feel great power coming from this cart, and I compare the power of the nearby soulstones to the cart. I find three nice ones outside, and a few of us venture back into the mine and locate five more. We distribute them so each man gets one, and we keep one for the group.

The undertaker loads up the gruesome dead creatures on the wagon, and someone loads up the wagon driver, who got knocked out. We take the madman as well. The soulstone-sorting spiders click back on and begin grading the pile near them. The undertaker is driving his horses from his cart, and we tied the other horses and the soulstone-laden cart to his.

Blessedly, nothing happens on the way back into the city. Cedric takes me aside and suggests that since we’re all working together as a group, we should pay everyone the full 20$ we’re getting from The Star. I agree but only if we announce it as a bonus.

Miss Collette is pleased with our work and offers us each a free drink at the bar before we go. She opens the crates and allows me to select my soulstone. I concentrate on the soulstones and select what I think is the nicest one in the bunch. Miss Collette gives me a nod. I announce the bonus for everyone’s excellent work and pass out the script.

We are invited to Dr. Ramos’ table. He thanks us for defending his mine and says we’ll be allowed to keep the soulstones we took from his mine. (How did he know? Is he that sensitive to their power?) He says if we ever want to know more about soulstones, both he and Miss Collette are very experienced with them.

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 2)

Its time to find work. I head to the Guild HQ to see if they need any Doctors. They dont. The saw bones in the area are fully staffed as well. I hear that the steamfitters union could use some help, maybe. Im in luck, there was some sort of an accident at the mine. I agree to head out there and see if I can help. Pay is $10 scrip. The chinaman Lo Kway arrives at the union h all with some sort of herbal remedy. How nice, when will people learn that medicine is the way to go. Not some superstious folklore.

On the way out of town, we run into Fredo Cozzafrenzi. He offers us a transport job. Pick up a few crates from the mine and bring them back to the Star. Pay is $15 scrip with $3 scrip for resupply. Since im heading that way, easy money.

Once we arrive I head to where the miner is. I realize he is not injured but crazy, screaming that soulstones dont talk. Well we all know that, dont we? The group decides to head to where the miner lost it.

Damn that is one pretty soulstone, and Ill be damned its talking. I got to get some skilled laborers down here to free it. Fredo and i head off to find the miners. Along the way I realize we have become lost, I want to go to the right, Frerdo wants to go to the left. He agrees thinking that I will be proven wrong. Im never wrong. We see a few miners heading deeper into the mine and ecide to follow. We get back to that pretty thing. The next thing all hell breaks loose, mechanical spiders begin screaming, miners running. And that soulstone explodes, Fredo and I are the main ones caught in the blast, as some big creature bursts free from the gem. The group take off afetr the crwature, I stay and tend to FDredo’s wounds.

We begin to head towards the mine entrance. Once there i see that it is a neverborn attack. Most of the people are down. We are able to fend off the creatures. I tend to the injured. I am able to revive everyone but the wagon driver. Luck is on our side as we have a wagon driver with us.

Once back in the city Fredo informs us that we get a bonus for a job well done. A full $20 scrip. We then get to meet with a man named Ramos, and he allows us to keep the soulstones that we had gathered as extra payment. Damn how did he now. Maybe those damn spiders?

Anyway time for bed, I will head to the steamfitters union in the morning.

Marefaux Stlangel and Stlangel

So preased to make acquaintance of new healse dlivel in town. He rikey bargain and ahgue with me. He make boring day in shop go fast. Then, Guird send missive to go to mine with pourtice. Minel velly bad injuled. Lo Kway go to Miner’s Union to take calavan to mine.

When we get to mind, round eye minel is velly clazy. He keep saying, “Sourstones no tark.” When I give him good wisdom from Lao Tze and Confucius, he say, “Chinamen no tark.” I use poultice and soothing tark to carm he down. But he so shuyah, we go down, check on wheh he wuhk. Cave he shine like clazy. Blighteh than monk robes in Fohbidden City. We feel uhge to bling skirr rabor to flee some sore caught in stone. Vein weaken and big exprosion behind us. Balery get out of way before Matule Nephirim fries by. Velly scaley!

I suddenry lemembel that Matule Nephirim has brood rike acid. So, when evelyone shoot at it, I tly to hit it with sreep gas. It too fast fo’ me. Gas just mask he escape. We chase. Lo Kway know words can never cook rice. Chase he with tluncheon, but cannot get instlument of justice to land upon guirty palty. But Nephirim fry high and rittre nephirim come at us. We sprattel brood rike acid evelywhele. Two ritter nephirim dead as sahdine in honolable tin can. We gain lewald.
Resson taught to me is, “Do not charrenge supelnatular unress almed with swold of tluth.”

Malifaux AAR

Was a rough day, ran around delivering packages. Got hired for a decent sum to ride shotgun on a wagon train out to the mine. Was wary, but a paycheck is a paycheck. Arrived quickly, no problems. Group goes into the mine, odd considering that we were hired to protect the wagon to and from. Off in the sky is some sort of giant bird thing. I point it out to the workers who run into the mine. Wagon Driver picks up a gun, starts firing, I do so as well, scoring a hit on the big one. There is a loud screech as those spider things block off the mine before a large Nephalim burst through and starts destroying them. I get a good shot on it before there is a large shadow cast over me and the world goes black. I come to, and the creatures are gone. The group tidies up the mine, and head back. In the city, I report to the courier’s office and get my pay, will get the wagon money next. All In all a pretty good haul for a minor assignment

2LT (ret.) Dan Godwyn
2nd U.S Artillery, Battery A/Mercenary For Hire

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 3)

After the battle with the neverborn creatures at the mine yesterday, im still sore. But I need to get up early for my pay. The steamfitters union is my second stop. First breakfast. Once at the union hall I am paid $10 scrip. Not bad for just looking at a crazy person. Now to explore this city. While making my way around the city I notice people are acting strange, after a few questions I learn that everyone is on edge because no one has died yet. What a strange place. At least once I can aqurie the proper materials I should have more then enough subjects. I spend the majority of the day exploring and stopping at any saw bones that I find, letting them know
I am in town if they need help.

Sometime after noon I notice that the mood has changed. People are saying that good omens are in the air since the Guild killed someone first. I find out that there was a hanging of two guild gaurdsmen. The same gaurds that were involved in the altercation in the alley behind the shop. It seems one was pardoned. I Guess it was his lucky day.

Now its time for dinner, then maybe I will catch a show at the Star.

Lo Kway's Dilemma

I use uhly mohning hoahs to makee fine potion. I makee exproseev and mkee moh sreep gas. But lemembuh, I feer erehments and I know they not best. Me wonduh if Mistah Ming’s ingledients leery best rike he craim. But I know potion makee some good smoke when necessaly. And practice needed for honolabre archemist to succeed in rife. [Filter added]

Mr. Ming has been very secretive today. He didn’t want to show me anything. He just wanted me to man the shop. But when he send me to see Miss Collette, I know it big, important job. He let me in to see Miss Collette work and showed her a book that was covered with dozens of shiny stones. She talked to the soulstones and made them light up like I talk to the elements when I am truly in synch with all reality. She was very tired when she finished, but the book wouldn’t open. She said she needed help and mentioned the name of Ramos. Mr. Ming became very defensive. He doesn’t like Ramos; thinks the guy is strictly mercenary—out to rip him off. I hate it when our people act so stereotypical.

Ramos came and was even more powerful with the soulstones than Miss Collette. I wanted to learn magic from him, but Mr. Ming said I would lose my job if I tried to join Ramos’ “union.” Well, I’m only here until Ming’s brother gets back. So, I guess I’ll bide my time.

But if we could get that book open, it would be amazing. I might be able to become as one with the soulstones as I can with the other elements when I’m doing my alchemistry. But Ming thinks the key is with old Ms. Zorida. I said I had seen her on the train. I said I wasn’t afraid of her and then, he told me that she lives in the swamp. I can’t go there by myself. What should I do?

Part 4

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