Through the Breach

Fredo's Diary: The Swamp

We made camp on some dry land. During the first watch, Gupps started watching us, getting closer and closer. Bayou Bill grabbed one by the ankle and held it up in the air. It started hollering, and we heard a large creature rising out of the water and moving toward us. It was a Swamp Mother. I stood by Bayou Bill. He released the Gupp, and the Swamp Mother slowly turned and went back into the swamp. We watched the large bubbles of the Swamp Mother and the little bubbles of the Gupps move away from our camp. I went back to sleep.

When I got up for the fourth watch, Dr. Fitzhugh Smith informed me he heard swamp spirits calling him. He said to ignore them, and they’d go away at dawn. I thanked him and took up watch. I saw more small bubbles and Gupp eyes out in the swamp, watching us, but they didn’t get very close to camp. As the others roused, the Gupps went away entirely.

Bayou Bill had left camp an hour or two before dawn, and when he came back he had those odd eggs and some mushrooms. He made omelets. When asked, he said the eggs came from alligators. He said no one’s sure how alligators got to be in Malifaux, but it’s believed that some sportsmen brought them over for sport, and they bred and spread and grew larger in Malifaux than they do earthside.

We got into the boats. Our group was anxious to find Zerida, and we discussed following a path we saw on the shore. Bayou Bill was adamant that Zerida knew we were there, and that it wasn’t about us findin’ her, but about how long she would play with us before – if – she agreed to grant us an audience.

As he was saying this, we went past a tree with a hut in it. We all turned around to look, to be sure we really saw it. The gremlins even turned to look. We got the boats turned around and up to the shore. We got out our offerings – the black buttons, thread and gunny sacks. Bayou Bill stuck the buttons and thread into the gunny sacks, gave a sack to each gremlin, and told them to “fetch” up the tree. The gremlins scrambled up, and the tree began to lower its branches so that the hut was lowered to where we could go in.

We went in and the Chinaman asked Zerida how to open some particular book. Zerida began weaving the gunny sacks into one large piece of fabric, and I glanced around and saw lots of little gunny-sack dolls in the hut. They were crude, but each seamed to have its own distinct look. In fact, one looked like Miss Collette, and another one looked like Miss Angelica.

I was a little stunned to actually be in Zerida’s shack, and I just kept lookin’ around. I don’t know if I was expectin’ to be attacked or expectin’ to see Excalibur in that hut. She was tellin’ the Chinaman not to open the book, because it was the way to unlock some god-like creatures that the King of the Nephilim – the Neverborn – did not want unlocked, nor should anyone else. She said that the Miners and Steamfitters Union had already released one of these creatures – the one that knocked me unconscious back at the mine.

Zerida said that everyone plays their part in the Tapestry, and she gestured to a tapestry on the wall, which I had not seen before, that resembled Malifaux. The wagon driver made a fuss about the Chinaman being the one talking to Zerida, but he didn’t have much to ask himself. The Chinaman asked for some clarification on his Fate. Zerida said that his Fate can be changed – anyone’s can, but so few know that they have a Fate.

Finally, Zerida said that it was time for dinner, and unless we were stayin’, we were free to go. We left. We did not see the gremlins again, and Dan Godwyn, the man whose skills I still had not quite figured out, speculated that the gremlins were Zerida’s dinner. I had been a bit too starstruck to noticed, but evidently Zerida had included all of us in her agreement with the Chinaman, and she had made voodoo dolls of each of us while we were there.

We got back in the skiffs. The miner and I took the first shift at the paddles, and Bayou Bill pointed us in the right direction. After a while, my mind drifted and I paddled off in a direction away from the other skiff. The Chinaman tried to take the paddle from me. He tore it out of my hands and said it was his watch. I pulled myself out of the transfixion. I seemed to have been in a trance. I thought I heard a girl calling to me. The wagon driver complained about the Chinaman taking the paddle, so I asked the Chinaman if he had a problem with the wagon drive taking it. He had no problem letting the wagon driver do the work, so we went on.

We came across another group with an old man playing with a live stick of dynamite, and just when I thought we’d have to jump on him, a beautiful woman from the group, Perdita, ushered him away and invited us to stay in her family’s camp. She was insistent that this part of the wilderness was not safe to stay in overnight, due to Neverborn attacks, and so we assented to stay in her family’s camp.

Swamp Blasts

Bayou Birr is rike Hally Frashman in Boxel Leberreon. During battre, he nowhele be seen. When done, he in just right prace to gain cledit. [Translator/Editor hired to translate journal] No one is certain whether it will accomplish anything to find Miss Zarida, but since Mr. Ming seems very agitated about his special book and since its origins predate the history of Malifaux, it looks like we need to talk to her or talk to the Neverborn. I’m not sure, from what I hear, that you’re going to get much discussion out of the Neverborn—at least, not so you can remember it.

To get to Miss Zarida, you have to travel the swamp. Even getting to the swamp was a hassle. The first night we camped, we were awakened by a howling or mewing that came from a clump of rocks, roots, brush and trees. We saw three sets of eyes clearly. I tossed a jar of sleep gas in the direction of the three coyotes (for so I assumed they were). The eyes drooped some, but when they didn’t close, I knew I needed to add another pinch of nightshade to the mix.

Too late now, I realized that the rifleman fired and infuriated one of the creatures… uh … only the creatures turned out to be ONE creature with THREE heads! They told me we would encounter strange, unsettling things in the swamp, but we weren’t even there yet. I was horrified and readied the one jar of explosive mixture I had concocted. It’s not dynamite, but it can even do a heck of a lot more when it picks up some collateral material to impact the target than it does by itself. The others were good shots, but I was very proud when my explosive sent rock shards into the creature and pushed it on its way to oblivion. One of our party even harvested some of the organs. I hope we don’t have to eat them, but I suppose I’m not so far removed from my homeland that I don’t remember that a Chinaman who wants to be certain he eats must be willing to be creative.

When we continued onward, trying to take the wagon as far as we could, men who acted like (and vaguely resembled humanoid versions of) moles burrowed underneath Bayou Bill’s wagon and attacked the rifleman. The rifleman is a very good shot. I’m not! I remembered a little trick from my grimoire. Mentally massaging the earth and metallic elements from the air, I concentrate them into a conical projectile, my personal body heat doing the welding and my perspiration providing the relief. My thoughts send the projectile right into the enemy. The first enemy only showed a slight vibration at the impact, but the second one to feel my pain was forced to absorb the maximum force I can currently give it. There you have it (air, earth, metal, and heat, relieved by water—perfect balance), with such balance the old shaman who recognized my talent would have been proud.

We finally reached the goblin village. Some drank their firewater, but I feared it might immobilize me like opium had sent my ancestors to the nether plane. I was glad I didn’t, for I was ready to fight the wargeists the next morning when we took the boats on the water. The wargeists were like vicious dogs and Bayou Billy warned us NOT to go near the trees if they were near. In the course of our fight, we found out they summoned the trees. I will have to study my grimoire to try to figure how to untie their unholy mixture of earth, air and water. It is unbalanced enough that there should be a weakness. Until then, I had to use my Drakon pistol and, while I hit one of them, it didn’t accomplish much. Perhaps, I should stick with my grimoire if I can.

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 4)

I get up early and head to the steamfitters union. I need a job. After what seems like a day I finally get to meet the union rep. Then come the questions, can you do this? How about that? My hands are to important for physical labor. I am a doctor, not a miner. I’m am even asked about my magical abilities. I reply with animation as my magical affinity. If they only knew about what my true passion is. I have learned not to reveal that to anyone.

Anyway, after more paperwork I am finally a member of the union. Next stop is the guild hall to register my ability to use magic. More waiting, more questions. The rules break down to the guild is mother, the guild is father, the guild is everything, and everything is the guilds.

Truth be told all that only took about four hours. Now for breakfast. I head to miss patti’s.
Lo Kway is there, he wants to visit that weird old woman from the train. Seems like it might be an informative trip. Some crazy person named Bayou Bill. He has some experience with the swamp. He gives us a lot of instructions, and says we need to pick up some goblins. I wonder if they will look like the old folk tales or be something different.

The beginning of the journey was uneventful. Until we camped. We were attacked by a large three headed cat. I moved closer to the fire hoping to confuse it. That must have worked since I was unharmed in the fight.

Next came what can only be described as a moleman. Three of the creatures attacked he wagon the next day. I dissected one for medical purposes on the rest of the trip to the goblin village.

The goblin village was something you would see in the Deep South of earth. These creatures are not very smart, but they can make some good shine. We get what the chieftain says are his two best men. If that is their best we are in for some trouble.

Anyway we set out on two canoes, heading further into the swamp. The wagon driver sees some type of dogs shadowing us from the banks. As the banks grow closer we know an attack is coming. Sure enough it does, but it is strange. Trees suddenly appear in our path. I shoot one to no effect, magic? I must look into this. Anyways we make quick work of the dog creatures. With only one of us getting soaked in the process.

Now on to find Zoraida.

Fredo's Diary of the Magickal World of Malifaux - Day 5
In which we adventurers investigate the swamplands surrounding the magickal city.

I got up at 8 a.m. and went down to Miss Patty’s Pantry for breakfast. The Chinaman was in Miss Patty’s talking to the miner about going to The Bayou to see Zerida, the woman in the vision we saw on the train as we crossed the breach. They were going to get a bayou tracker to lead the trip. They were not sure how long the trip would take.

I was much intrigued by this adventure, but I knew I must get permission from my employers at The Star. Perhaps I could persuade Miss Collette if I offered to complete any errands for her within the bayou. I finished breakfast and told the gentlemen I was mighty interested in accompanying them but must go secure permission from my employers.

At The Star, I requested a short audience with Miss Collette. I related to her the gist of my breakfast conversation and offered to complete any errands might desire while away, if she would grant permission for me to go. She was concerned about the dangers of such a trip and of what Zerida might ask for in return for whatever the Chinaman wanted, but she granted permission for me to go. She said she did not have any errands in the bayou and not to make any deals with Zerida on her behalf. She said that Zerida is always where she was last time; it’s the rest of the bayou that moves. She also said that Zerida would want something in return for her services. I suggested soulstone might be sufficient, but Miss Collette said she’d probably take a part o’ that and leave the stone. Perhaps I should be more cautious, especially given Miss Collette’s misgivings, but I am so curious about this magickal world that I could not pass up this opportunity to explore its wilderness. I was happy to have Miss Collette’s approval but saddened that I could not serve her in some way on this journey.

I left The Star and started back to Miss Patty’s to rejoin our little adventuring party. The rifleman was sitting next to a man who introduced himself as Bayou Bill, our guide. He said that we don’t track the bayou, the bayou tracks us.

The rest of the group arrives and Bayou Bill states the rules of the expedition:
1. We needed gremlins before we leave.
2. If we run into any spawn mothers, don’t attack the spawn mothers. It’ll be a big fishy looking thing with claws and legs that’s out of water.
3. If we see any swamp spirits, use magical abilities, not guns.
4. If we see any waldgeists, dogs made out o’ trees, stay away from the trees and kill them hard.
5. If we find Zerida’s hut, be thankful and don’t cause her no lip cause she aint’ gonna take too kindly to it and he ain’t dyin’ for our lot.
6. First thing, make our offering to Zerida. Then be patient and quiet until she acknowledges our gift. Then we may begin our parlance. It may be round about, but be patient. If you say no, leave right away. If yes, she’ll give you what you’re lookin’ for. Thank her, walk out of the hut, and be gone. We don’t wanna spend more time there than is necessary.
7. Gonna tie a rope to each of us ‘cause we’ll get separated if we don’t.
8. Don’t bring anything but water, food – preferably jerky, as few possessions as possible, oil guns down, container for powder to keep it try, spare change for when we get out but just plan on gettin’ wet and stayin’ wet. And the mosquitoes are big.

I said we should hit up the store before we went for the jerky, oil and what-not. The miner said we needed buttons, thread, and gunny sacks, and Bayou Bill corrected him, “black buttons, shiny as you can get.” I got a list of the ammo the others need, and I ascertained that three others need an oiled book-cover for their journals, as I did.

I checked out of my room at the Fox & Hound, dropped off my costume at The Star, and collected and paid 8$ for the group’s needs at the general store.

At 2 p.m., we got on Bayou Bill’s carriage near the city gate, and then turned away from it and went through the city to Little Kingdom. Here we got on a ferry and crossed the river. In the early evening we started seeing what someone indicated was gremlin architecture. Little stills and shanties. We could hear the sound of banjos in the distance.

We arrived at a ramshackle dock. Bayou Bill said, “We’re cartin’ it from here.” We loaded up and continued on until it started to get dark. Our guide said we should set up camp. The wagon driver helped him, and the miner and one of the others followed Bill’s instruction to catch some tumbleweed to use for kindling. The man who I didn’t quite understand set out with his rifle and shot some game for our dinner. Someone cooked a delicious gamey stew so we were able to save our jerky for another day.

Sitting around the fire, the wagon driver told the Chinaman he heard someone calling him with a hissing sound. I listened for it and slowly realized, slower than the others, that the sound came from a group of animals whose eyes were glowing in the darkness.

Suddenly a large cat sprang into the light and attacked that man who shot the game for our dinner. The creature seemed to have another head that attacked the miner. The creature sprang back into the darkness, but I could still see it. I used my magick to slowly lift it a couple feet above the ground and held it there so that it could not attack us again. The heads looked at one another and made fearsome “mrow” sounds.

The Chinaman attacked the most wounded head, and it became easier to keep the creature aloft. The other men attacked the other heads, and it was floating dead about three feet off the ground. We looked around for Bayou Bill to inquire whether we can eat this creature, but he did not show up for more than an hour. We had not even noticed he was gone. I claimed the skin for my costume. Cedric could surely work around the buckshot holes. The Chinaman wanted its teeth, and the wagon driver wanted its three hearts and three brains. Finally our guide showed up. He didn’t mention where he had been, but he said we could eat the tiger creature.

We kept a one-man watch the rest of the night, and it passed uneventfully, with a few scares that turned out to be bugs crawlin’ in men’s noses and ears. Bayou Bill cooked up some eggs for breakfast. We didn’t ask where he got these huge eggs, but were just thankful for something ‘asides meat – which we now had three days’ worth – to eat.

We broke camp and continued. We saw some skittering movement around the shanties in the distance.

Suddenly the wagon lurched to one side and we saw a great deal of dirt moving about. Unlike last night, I was quick to react, and I used the same tactic of lifting the creature above the ground. It looked a bit like a man and a bit like a mole. It let out a fearsome screech and began moving its limbs quickly in frustration. The man whose skills I was unsure of shot it with his shotgun, and with that one burst of buckshot it went to meet its surely unholy maker.

I was relieved for a moment, but it wasn’t to last. Two more of these heinous creatures appeared from the earth. I didn’t see, but I assume there was a tussle, for that shotgun wielder fell unconscious, slumped in his seat. We fought off the other two creatures, and the miner pushed our wagon out of the hole they had created.

We continued on to the gremlin village. The little creatures were armed with guns the size of themselves and tried their best to look fearsome. One of them mobbed the miner, and he gave one of them two of the black buttons I’d procured in the general store. He cried out, “Oh, Zerida, Zerida, Zerida,” and was promptly mobbed by some others who beat him and fought each other over the buttons. The Chinaman tried giving some gremlins some jerky, but they spit it out, such is their taste.

For some reason, I had expected that the gremlins would look like the small, green creatures I’d seen with Sonia Criid and at the Guild office, being of similar stature and color, but they were not, nor did they affect my magick in any way.

Bayou Bill made some arrangements with the chieftain to “adopt” some little gremlins, and he recommended we bury anything we did not want to get wet. He said the gremlins do not dig, but the boars might smell food and uncover it. The miner tried some of the gremlin’s jug wine, and the little creatures began a revelry of drinking, dancing and banjo playin’.

The chieftain produced two creatures who he said were his “best guys,” but they didn’t look it. I got the impression they had drawn the short straws, or committed some grave sin against the village. Two skiffs were prepared that each carried their gremlin operators and three passengers. Bayou Bill jumped in the water, saying it was safer but not drier down there. He said being up high you might miss some of the predators whose eyes could be seen from the water. I got on the first skiff with the miner and the doctor, and after some quibbling about sharing a skiff with the Chinaman, the wagon driver got on the second one. We set off about 4 p.m.

A couple hours later, the wagon driver said something about dog trees, which the guide has warned us about. I said as much, and Bayou Bill said, “Yes, waldbeasts. Watch out, there’s gonna be some trees comin’ up here.” The river narrowed suddenly, and we saw a wall of trees ahead of us just 20 feet.

I was once again slow to react. The doctor shot at the trees. I tried to remember what Bayou Bill had said. “Stay away and kill them hard.” The tree branches tried to reach out and slap at us, but our gremlin skiff pilots had stopped us just short of their reach. The little green creatures laughed and giggled at the trees’ vain efforts. Bayou Bill said, “Just wait ‘em out. They’ll come out. Don’t get near the trees.”

At last the waldbeasts loped out of the wrathful forest and stood about 20 feet before us. The shotgun man took two blasts at one of them. The wagon driver shot with his pistol at the other. I shot the one the shotgun man had gravely wounded and killed it, and then I took a second shot at the other one, doing just a little damage for my pistol was easy to aim but not that powerful.

The trees lashed out, but all of us on the first skiff dodged its branches. I thought we should pole the skiff backward, but found the miner was already accomplishing this. As I was turned to see this, I was grabbed by the tree and pulled into the forest. Surprised, I am afraid I let out an unmanly shriek.

The branches scraped me up and pulled me into the air, but thanks to my fellow adventurers I was soon let go and plunged into the water. I was wet and muddy, but hardly the worse for wear.

Fredo's Diary of the Magickal World of Malifaux - Day 4

I got up at 8 a.m. and went down to Miss Patty’s Pantry for breakfast. Everyone seemed on edge. Miss Patty said it’s because nobody’s died today. “They’re all fidgety. They all think they’re the next one to go. Usually at least one person’s dead by now. Three people a day is average.”

Miss Patty said a lot of people off the train wind up dead after stealing soulstones. She said, “You were up at that mine, weren’t you?” I said yes, I’ve been working as a barker at The Star, and they asked me to go out and make sure that a shipment of soulstone made it into town safely. Miss Patty said that’s unusual because The Guild is in charge of the soulstones. The Star shouldn’t have anything to do with soulstones. I said I just do what the bosses tell me. Miss Patty said I should be careful who I tell that or anything else around Malifaux. I thanked her for that and gave her a big tip.

I headed back to my room. I put a delayed Telekinetic Push spell, set to go off when I am attacked, into one of the soulstones. Now that I had the hang of it, I put a delayed Telekinetic Lift spell into another soulstone.

Just then I heard someone coming up the stairs. They seemed to be trying to creep up quietly, but I could hear their footsteps and their talking – in one of the magic languages, but I couldn’t say which one. I hid in the wardrobe in my room. I heard the people reach my floor, and I felt the magic go dead. I heard them smashing down the door to the miner’s room. “Arcanist scum, stay where you are! Damn, go talk to the innkeeper.” Shuffling sounds, digging around the room. Some of the footsteps went down and back up. The magic went down and came back up as they drew near and went away.

Then a knock at my door. If I didn’t answer, they’d just smash my door down and rummage through my stuff, I figured, so I might as well open it. I climbed out of the wardrobe and opened the door a crack. I found myself face to face with Sonia Criid, the Guild’s Arcanist hunter. She knew I had the soulstones and that I hadn’t registered with the Guild. She told me I needed to register myself and my items that morning, and she gave me a ticket to present at Building 13 in the Guild Enclave. I was relieved when she left with her magic-chittering, sword-wielding little creatures.

It was already 11 a.m., so I needed to hurry if I was to register that morning. I kept an eye out for the miner. I gave a child two scrip to take him a note warning him away from the hotel, saying there are rats there. I hurried on toward the Guild Enclave.

Building 13 has a lightning bolt coming out of a cloud and a big X on it. I approached the door and showed the clerk my ticket. I could feel this was a magic dead zone. There were a number of those little creatures inside the building, including one just inside, chained to the wall, snarling at me. The clerk took my ticket and asked for my name, where I’m staying, “length of time of magical awareness” – I said 20 years. I showed him the three soulstones and said they’ve been in the family for years. He asked if I registered with The Guild Earthside, and I said I wasn’t aware that I could. He said to be sure that I followed the laws. I asked for a pamphlet listing those. He pointed to a sign behind me. It listed numerous laws, but the message was clear: Stear clear of The Guild. It took about another hour for me and my soulstones to pass their inspection.

When I got out, I saw a crowd gathering around Curmudgeon Square. I joined the crowd. I looked for the miner. The crowd was there for a hanging. The Guild marched up with the prisoners. I came to understand they were the Guild officers who approached our group during the skirmish near the herbalist’s shop, but my attention was focused on finding the miner and making sure he understood my note. Two officers were hanged, but a third was spared. His family didn’t seem as happy as you’d expect. The crowd dissipated and I walked alongside the miner. He got my note. I told him that the rats were a ruse, to get him to keep away. I told him Sonia Criid came looking for him, something about “Arcanist scum.” I had to explain to him who Ms. Criid is. We both agreed it’s clearly a matter of mistaken identity, because he is a miner, but he agreed that he should find a new hotel.

I walked past the Fox and Hound to see if anything else was happening there. It seemed calm. I walked around for about an hour before heading to The Star early.

I reclaimed my costume from Miss Angelica and took my place in front of the The Star. I used Telepathic Lift to hover some trinkets over my head and successfully entreated many Guild officers and other people to come see the show. I went in to see the show. Miss Collette was up on stage, and Dr. Ramos was there as always. The show ended and I collected my 7 scrip. Miss Collette says she wants me at The Star tomorrow early, after breakfast. She said she has a feeling they’re going to need some people.

I headed back to the Fox and Hound. After today’s adventures, I was glad for a relatively uneventful evening but curious about tomorrow’s tasks.

Part 4
Lo Kway's Dilemma

I use uhly mohning hoahs to makee fine potion. I makee exproseev and mkee moh sreep gas. But lemembuh, I feer erehments and I know they not best. Me wonduh if Mistah Ming’s ingledients leery best rike he craim. But I know potion makee some good smoke when necessaly. And practice needed for honolabre archemist to succeed in rife. [Filter added]

Mr. Ming has been very secretive today. He didn’t want to show me anything. He just wanted me to man the shop. But when he send me to see Miss Collette, I know it big, important job. He let me in to see Miss Collette work and showed her a book that was covered with dozens of shiny stones. She talked to the soulstones and made them light up like I talk to the elements when I am truly in synch with all reality. She was very tired when she finished, but the book wouldn’t open. She said she needed help and mentioned the name of Ramos. Mr. Ming became very defensive. He doesn’t like Ramos; thinks the guy is strictly mercenary—out to rip him off. I hate it when our people act so stereotypical.

Ramos came and was even more powerful with the soulstones than Miss Collette. I wanted to learn magic from him, but Mr. Ming said I would lose my job if I tried to join Ramos’ “union.” Well, I’m only here until Ming’s brother gets back. So, I guess I’ll bide my time.

But if we could get that book open, it would be amazing. I might be able to become as one with the soulstones as I can with the other elements when I’m doing my alchemistry. But Ming thinks the key is with old Ms. Zorida. I said I had seen her on the train. I said I wasn’t afraid of her and then, he told me that she lives in the swamp. I can’t go there by myself. What should I do?

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 3)

After the battle with the neverborn creatures at the mine yesterday, im still sore. But I need to get up early for my pay. The steamfitters union is my second stop. First breakfast. Once at the union hall I am paid $10 scrip. Not bad for just looking at a crazy person. Now to explore this city. While making my way around the city I notice people are acting strange, after a few questions I learn that everyone is on edge because no one has died yet. What a strange place. At least once I can aqurie the proper materials I should have more then enough subjects. I spend the majority of the day exploring and stopping at any saw bones that I find, letting them know
I am in town if they need help.

Sometime after noon I notice that the mood has changed. People are saying that good omens are in the air since the Guild killed someone first. I find out that there was a hanging of two guild gaurdsmen. The same gaurds that were involved in the altercation in the alley behind the shop. It seems one was pardoned. I Guess it was his lucky day.

Now its time for dinner, then maybe I will catch a show at the Star.

Malifaux AAR

Was a rough day, ran around delivering packages. Got hired for a decent sum to ride shotgun on a wagon train out to the mine. Was wary, but a paycheck is a paycheck. Arrived quickly, no problems. Group goes into the mine, odd considering that we were hired to protect the wagon to and from. Off in the sky is some sort of giant bird thing. I point it out to the workers who run into the mine. Wagon Driver picks up a gun, starts firing, I do so as well, scoring a hit on the big one. There is a loud screech as those spider things block off the mine before a large Nephalim burst through and starts destroying them. I get a good shot on it before there is a large shadow cast over me and the world goes black. I come to, and the creatures are gone. The group tidies up the mine, and head back. In the city, I report to the courier’s office and get my pay, will get the wagon money next. All In all a pretty good haul for a minor assignment

2LT (ret.) Dan Godwyn
2nd U.S Artillery, Battery A/Mercenary For Hire

Marefaux Stlangel and Stlangel

So preased to make acquaintance of new healse dlivel in town. He rikey bargain and ahgue with me. He make boring day in shop go fast. Then, Guird send missive to go to mine with pourtice. Minel velly bad injuled. Lo Kway go to Miner’s Union to take calavan to mine.

When we get to mind, round eye minel is velly clazy. He keep saying, “Sourstones no tark.” When I give him good wisdom from Lao Tze and Confucius, he say, “Chinamen no tark.” I use poultice and soothing tark to carm he down. But he so shuyah, we go down, check on wheh he wuhk. Cave he shine like clazy. Blighteh than monk robes in Fohbidden City. We feel uhge to bling skirr rabor to flee some sore caught in stone. Vein weaken and big exprosion behind us. Balery get out of way before Matule Nephirim fries by. Velly scaley!

I suddenry lemembel that Matule Nephirim has brood rike acid. So, when evelyone shoot at it, I tly to hit it with sreep gas. It too fast fo’ me. Gas just mask he escape. We chase. Lo Kway know words can never cook rice. Chase he with tluncheon, but cannot get instlument of justice to land upon guirty palty. But Nephirim fry high and rittre nephirim come at us. We sprattel brood rike acid evelywhele. Two ritter nephirim dead as sahdine in honolable tin can. We gain lewald.
Resson taught to me is, “Do not charrenge supelnatular unress almed with swold of tluth.”


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