Through the Breach

Kermit's Journal: Albus Grand & the Society of Malifaux's Elite

We explored the buildings on the homesteader’s block.

We entered what was once a lawyer’s office. I found some quills and a new-fangled fountain pen that would work with a little polishing and some fresh ink. I put these in my pouch. I also took out my journal and made notes of the hieroglyphics the creatures had scrawled on the walls. The blacksmith found a journal documenting incredibly, painfully complex magical constructs. The front half of the journal was carefully written, with neat sketches that were later inked. The third quarter held similar content, but with increasing hurried messiness. The final quarter of the book was filled with the word “why” finger-painted in blood, over and over. We found a safe and managed to get it open. Inside were the lawyer’s files. We decided to close the safe and come back later to explore the files.

We went next door and found what had been somebody’s house. I found a crystal inkwell, which I stuffed in my pouch. There were also some drafting tools. We went to the back room, but it was locked. The key from the lawyer’s office worked, and we realized this was the lawyer’s house. Inside was a very nice bedroom set and some clothes. The bounty hunter pulled down a metal clothes rod and shook it. A key popped out.

We went into a shop opposite the lawyer’s. It looked like it had been a printing shop, but the press had been dismantled – probably for the metal. There were some 1-page newspapers on the floor. I glanced at the headlines and gathered papers to read later. They were all from 80 years ago. The headlines said, "Number of Neverborn and Undead Attacks on the Rise, "Downtown Malifaux Overrun, “Curfew Instigated,” and “Mysterious Steam Whistles in the Night.” Guild representatives were quotes in the articles, saying, “The Guild can only protect you if you protect yourself. Don’t leave your house after dark,” and “We don’t know where these steam whistle noises are coming from, but if you hear them outside your house, do not engage them.” I found a newspaper from three years before the others. The headline read “Albus Grand’s Wonderful Devices.” It said Albus Grand had developed a new source of power. He told the paper it was a very large device but he hoped to get the size down. He said it generated enough power for a lifetime of use by an average manufacturing company. From the sketches in the paper, I recognized parts of the devices from the journal we’d found.

The next building was a stone structure. It said “Library” above the door, and it was covered in runes – counter-spelling runes, warding runes – intricately worked into the filigree and stones in such a way to hide them from the general public. For the most part, the building and its contents were untouched, unlike the other buildings we’d been in. The homesteader and I looked at the books. The contents seemed pretty standard for a library. The bounty hunter looked for hidden doorways but found nothing. The rest of us looked around. I noticed there were runes carved on the stone on the inside of the library, spelling out map coordinates. On closer inspection, someone had used the Dewey decimal system to create a map of the library. I found the books with the corresponding Dewey decimal numbers, but I didn’t see anything special about “Animals of the African Savannah” and the like. I called over the blacksmith, since he seemed to have a knack for opening locked places. He opened the “Animals” book, and it was actually about magic.

[12 books with false titles and covers:

  • soulstones
  • Society of Magical Exploration – charter, refuse to accept the Guild’s dogma of what is and is not proper magic – magical theory for practicing magic within Malifaux only – some pure belief in Malifaux as an environment participating in the magic
  • compilation of writings from the members on their various contributions
  • small journal from Albus Grand – during his sliding into insanity phase – little bit of wisdom, lots of rambling about Neverborns and their connections to soulstones
  • effects of soulstones of various creatures in Malifaux – zoological
  • treatise on neverborn environs
  • treatise on gremlins and what they know about soulstones
  • text on necromancy
  • written by an individual caled only Victor, more anti-Guild rhetoric. Dated within last 20 years.
  • locations of power in Malifaux – ley lines, concentrations of soulstones, lot of places that didn’t have anything to do with soulstones but were still focus of power
  • treatise on madness and magic written by then-head of the asylum. certain wards of the asylum would spontaneously develop magic. the more insane a person was, the greater connection to magic they had, according to him.]

At the post office, I grabbed some blank pages to supplement my journal. We also found some letters of interest, regarding the society of Malifaux’s elite prior to the breach closing. In particular, there were notes about an almost mythical woman named Eloise.

In the next house, in the closet, the bounty hunter found a chest under some loose floorboards. Inside, he found a locked journal and a pistol.

Next we went into a city building. It looked like it had been sacked by people, not creatures. We found additional information about Albus Grand and Eloise.

I realized I hadn’t checked in at the gate for three days after being knocked unconscious. I sent the boy Jesse to the gate with a note explaining my injuries and absence.

The bounty hunter wanted to know where Malifaux’s elite held their society events, so we went back to the library for the night and pored over the letters we found at the post office to try to ascertain where the parties were held. We identified five venues.

[library, asylum (closest except barn – 1/2 mile north), barn of doom (closest), warehouse over by the docks (farthest), holdings of member Victor about a mile due east]

The true horrors of Mailfaux.

After making are exit of the little girls house of doom we stop for a short rest. A few moments later we see are friend the inspection girl bumbling threw that same area. I yell to her to get the sam hell out of there. Unfortunately the girl sees us and she is pissed. I snap in to action trying to take down her ghost friends. After a bit of fighting we brake free of her. Now with the inspection girl in tow we push forward. Until we got to are block. To are dismay we found the block infested with men with guns. They told are block is full of demons. So we sign up to help them clear it out. We start with a bar we have the brit walk up to it try to pray the boards off. He fumbles at it so the shady man goes up to help. When it popped open a wave of small baby like monsters run out and we lay in to them. Apon dieing they turn in to some black sludge which looks to melt away people. After the smaller ones look like the run out. Huge hulking monsters comes bulging out and he falls really quick. After this we take the bar and start fixing it up.

Kermit's Journal: Further Adventures in the Quarantine Zone

I woke up. [Up to 2 HP] We were still making our way through the Quarantine Zone to the homesteader’s block.

A couple of the group heard a voice call out on a nearby block, and we turned and realized it was the young lady from the swamp. She had been set upon by a little girl with some malevolent magical candy. We went to rescue the young lady. We fought the little girl and her minions. Finally, she disappeared in a cloud of cotton candy.

We reached the homesteader’s block. We noticed the gang who told us to stay off their block had followed us. The homesteader said, “This is our block.” They said they’d had a lot of trouble with this block and offered to help us clear it and hold it.

We opened the doors on the saloon, and supernatural critters tumbled out. We fought some little goblin-type creatures and then some fearsome creatures called Neverborn. I was not terribly helpful, but I was glad when we had cleared the saloon.

Inside the saloon, the gang’s librarian asked me to help her put up magical protections around the building. I said I’d have to be shown what to do, but I was happy to help. She showed me some enchantments that were approved by The Guild. It took about two hours to protect the saloon, with me both helping and hindering.

A few of the combined group went out scavenging for supplies on the block.

Children here grow up fast

Dear Momma,
I wish you wouldn’t worry about me. Maulifaux is not as worrisome as the stories we’ve heard. I’m thinkin’ the stories of Maulifaux were meant to scare us kids. There’s nothin’ here so scary as a winter night in Churchill when the bears are loose and on the hunt.
There was a time Grampa took me and Tony’s kid up to Churchill on a tradin’ mission. How is Tony doin? I can’t remember the name of his kid. Funny how you don’t see people and their names and faces become ghostly and forgotten.
What waz I sayin’?
We was up in Churchill tradin’ stones with the natives when a whole herd of the big white beasts came into town. People up there think nothin more of those bears than we think of a skunk. Sure it’s a nuisance, but you just give it room and stay away from it and everythin’s fine.
Well Tony’s kid, what was his name? He and I didn’t know no better and we went up to a small one. That was a mistake. His (her?) momma came on pretty strong, tore clear across a hockey rink and towards us.
We was scared. Tony’s kid pee’d his pants. I just stood there. Grampa said my eyes were as big as saucers, that I was lightin’ up the whole town with all the white in my eyes.
Grampa started firin’ at that bear.
I could feel it’s breath when it finally was brought down. That’s how close the bear got.
Well, it’s sort of like that here.
There’s a little girl here who I had to be mean to several times. She pretty p.o.‘d at me I tell ya.
There’s a kid with us and he scared of her. A girl with us too. Don’t know what that little girl done, but she a mean one and I want to stay out of her way. But she a mean one and she mad at me now. I had to tell her to back off twice now.
Don’t understand why children here so grown up so fast. They should be children first.

The Barn of Horror and the girl of doom.

I got sick of waiting around and decided to go looking for supply. We luck out and find what looks to be a mostly un-raided store. The other 2 guys walk up and giggle the lock and the door just opens up. We walk in and start looking around from the back I hear a girl talking it turns out the door was suppose to be locked. So we move on and look at some other building and find a bank. Nothing much to find but little kid with a gun. He tells us there is a monster in the barn we where staying in. I run to tell the others as a big scarecrow strikes at us. We barely get out in time and keep going. Find some other locals a man who is damn near a forge him self and we lucky stumble in to a Doc to get use taken care off. All of a sudden I feel light headed and see some weird smoke. Covering up my mouth. Upon seeing my traveling party going loopy I slam the latter I am carrying in to them. They snap out of it for a bit and young girl walks out of the smoke. I she is a spawn of hell and I unload in to her. They trying to fight off the ghost she looks to have spawned. After some shoots that would have killed an living thing she wandered off.

First night in the zone.

We woke up the girl found out she did not have any thing of use. But we did get the boy his money back. There is nothing left for me now so i should just go in the Zone with the pilgrim. So I went and signed up with him. So we dived in to the zone head first. The first few blocks still near the wall there was nothing. Was smoove sailing until we ran in to a another group, There was a good old fashion Mexican stand off. Diverting from the route we did not have any trouble until we saw a kid running for his life. In a place like this nothing to weird about that. But then from the shadows walking dead bodies WITH FUCKING SWORDS. I unload in to them with the buck shot on my pistol and shot one in the face. They swarm up take out the book learner and the Brit looks to be failing close combat. After downing a few the kid shows back up and it looks like they are bring the dead back to life. This kid is a abomination so I just lay in to it. After that we drop the rest of them and we decide to hide in a barn to let everyone heal up a bit and for the book learner to make up.

Letter from home (to Jebediah)

Dear Jeb,
Work on the farm has slowed as the fall weather has been cold and wet. We haven’t been able to get into the fields to do our harvest. Pastor says it is because of the stones. He blames everything on the stones, but every Sunday up he stands and asks us for more.
I’m afraid an early hard frost could cause us to lose everything. We’d be hard pressed this winter then.
I will tell you this, the stones make farming easier, powering all the big equipment for the field work and the storage units where we process and store the harvest, waiting to transport it to market.
Even then, stones are used to power the tractors to the co-op and then from there to the market.
I just don’t know how we did it before there were stones. Yet, they are expensive and becoming more so. I blame that damn guild, controlling everything coming from Maulifaux. They say there are stones laying on the ground for anyone to pickup, but the guild is stopping them from coming back here to Quebec. It’s the fault of the Franco-phones I say. The Anglophones in T-town and in the Ottawa Valley don’t like the frogs, never have.
Mary, from down in Kingston, was at the fall fair. We had a big party there, with all the church folks coming to a dance. There was a grand dance.
Do you remember Henry’s sister, Ann? You had a crush on her when you was little. She was there. She’s still unattached and as pretty as a peach.
Mary said she ran into you while she was in T-town. I’d have thought you might be working for an engineering company with your brains. But she said she saw you standing in line to get a visa to Maulifaux.
Please don’t go. I’ve heard awful stories of the men and even worse of the monsters there.
Why you’d want to go, or any body for that matter, is beyond me when there are opportunities enough right here. So, listen to your mother and come on home.
The Miller blacksmithery is going to come up for sale, with all Miller’s book of customers too. You could live here, live in the town, and deal with iron and fire, like you’ve always loved to do. You could create those fancy toys powered by stones if you took a liking to working with them. I’m sure you have the head for it.
Winter is coming on. Make sure you bundle up nice and tight. Get some good shoes for heavens sake. Those old boots you wear are as thin as cardboard. Wear your hat and a good muffler.
I’m working on knitting some mittens for you. I know they’d be no good for your work, but I bet they’d look nice if you was taking someone out.
Did I mention Ann is still single?2014-03-17-mcupload_532216e187971.jpg

How to catch a runaway.

We followed the girl out of the game with her new found mark. All the way to a hotel one of them thought they where going to get lucky. Next thing I know he is shoving him self right down that girls mouth. Then she blots off down the street who could blame her. We start chase and she leads us down and alley filled with boxes. She fell in too one of the boxes and the black man falls in after her. Then a loud pop and flash he looks dazed and she runs up the boxes. I announce my intent and open fire when she does not stop and she ducks in to a window. When I am up there the book learner and the bandanna kid are looking for her and the book worm says she when this way and points at a hidden panel. It is a dark tube filled with pipes and bums and at the end there is a wall which I just punch threw it. After which I chase her out a window and down some more alleys looks like bandanna boy got dazed as well. I shoot her again. She drops and I go up to and try to heal her and she flips me over and try to run again and I just stand up and say I will shot again and she gives up. After this we hear the guard string up and love boy has showed up. We duck in too a ware house and escape the guard do to my expert acting. Get the girl to a back alley doc and he puts a collector after me. We take her back to her room.

Kermit's Journal: Entry into the Quarantine Zone

The blacksmith and I made it back to the shared room at the tavern. The young lady from the swamps was asleep in the only bed, so I rolled up some clothes to make a comfortable spot on the floor.

I had just fallen asleep when the bounty hunter and the gentleman came in with the unconscious criminal. They tied her to the bed and, when she came around, interrogated her. I fell asleep again, waking only when the gentleman tossed 5ยง to me.

In the morning, I reported to the Guild office to begin my magical training in Malifaux. Eventually I was sent into the office a burly man who introduced himself as Garth. He gave me a heavy tome to read – the “Thalarian Doctrine.” He instructed me to read it and report back the next day. I advised him about my opportunity to accompany the homesteader to the Quarantine Zone and asked if I could check back at some later time. He said to check in with the wall guard on a daily basis, send progress notes on my readings, and also report if I noticed any arcane happenings in the zone.

On my way back from the Guild office, I encountered the gentleman from the night before, and he asked for my help with a transaction agreement. I read the document and saw that it was a one-size-fits-all, fill-in-the-blank contract such as one might find in any attorney’s office. I advised him of this, and he asked for my help filling out the details. We borrowed a quill from the tavern-keep, and I filled it out as an agreement to loan some money at a profitable interest rate. I accompanied him to the shop of the man who was borrowing the money and ensured the transaction was executed properly.

The gentleman asked if I had found any business opportunities in Malifaux, and I told him about the arrangement with the homesteader to accompany him to the Quarantine Zone and help him clear his block in exchange for lodging there. I invited him to accompany me and ask the homesteader if he could have the same arrangement, to which the homesteader was amenable.

We reached the edge of the Quarantine Zone, and the wall guards opened the gate a briefly as possible to let us through. We tried to take the most direct route to the homesteader’s block, but an armed group came out and shouted, “Already homesteaded. Go away.” One of our group called out that we were just passing through, but they insisted we take another route. We went a block over and saw the buildings had been demolished into the street, blocking it.

We went one more block over, and we spotted some human-shaped figures moving about in the shadows of the buildings. I took cover and told the group I saw a short figure running straight for us from within one of the buildings. Soon three zombie-like creatures attacked us. I engulfed one in flames, but it did little damage. Then a zombie attacked me, and everything went black [6 wounds].

[As I read the “Thalarian Doctrine,” I will be able to translate enough into my Oxfordian sense of magic to gain the Arcane Resistance Immuto. As for the rest, I could pass a test on its dogmatic mantras but can’t wrap my head around it to turn it into magic.]


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