Wyncrest Asylum



BASEMENT FLOORPLAN Resserectionist stronghold

1: This room is barricaded with metal and corpses.
2: Maintenance Room : cleaning supplies
3: Security Office :
4: Nurses station: there are a number of Flesh Constructs here to assist nurses with patient control as well as act as guards for the nurses. The 4 nurses here are from the staff of the hospital that have seen the genius of the ressers’ work and fear the retribution of the naturalists and the guild.
5: Break Room:
6: Conference room: large table, charts of human body hanging on walls. Chalkboard with names and room numbers of patients along with condition and attending physician.
7: Physical Rehabilitation Center: various weights, treadmills, stationary bicycles, etc.
8: Lavatory and showers: mechanical pumps and large boilers take up most of the room. But everything works here.
9: Operation Room : Very clean. Strange devices of technological nature as Well as surgical instruments.
10: Patient room
11: Administrator’s office: now Yosif Atanasov`s office
12: Yosif Lubomir Atanasov’s bedchamber and private lab
13: patient room
14: patient room
15 patient room
16: Chemistry and Alchemy laboratory
17: storage room
18: controlled substance locker and cold storage


1: Entry Security Checkpoint: To your right you can see an open door though the contents of the room can be seen easily through a large hole in the wall should one wish. A set of bars and shattered glass on the floor tells the story that the room you are in is the main entrance and the security station on the right was most likely the last bastion of the staff.
2: Security Office: Lots of “Mage masks” to block vision and gag the mouth. Most have been destroyed. But a few can be salvaged. COUNTERSPELLING TN9 will reveal which are usable.
3: Security “Barracks” A few lockers and some cots. Lockers have been tossed.
4: Weapon’s Room: There are a few weapons to be found here. Mostly broken.
5: Guard station:
6: Stair Guard booth: Nothing in case the inmates overtake the room. Just a chair and desk and a book the stair guard was reading.
7: Feale Patient Personal Item Storage: This is where the patient’s personal belongings are stored for the Female patients. Rows of boxes of various size. They have all been tossed and most of the items reclaimed.
8: Intake Clerk Office: Players could find checklists for all intake items if they want.
9: Feale Patient Intake and processing: This is where all Feale patients are taken in and assigned a ward, level and room. There are many file cabinets that have been tossed.
10: Patient Deceased Files: Door is closed. Nothing really of interest here without hours or even days of study. Room has been tossed. One table in the back of the room has been righted and cleared as has a circle around the table has files arranged neatly.
11: Sitting area: Outside patio with a few wrought iron chairs which have been righted and arranged around a small table. This is the "meeting room. The hill around the patio has been terraformed by the inmates to become a steep cliff that looks over the road below, the North wall of the slum and balands North of the city.
12: Staff Room: These doors have been secured Tables and an ice cooler. Everything tossed. Various bodily remains have been smeared on the walls and floors. If anyone wants to check the freezer, there is a body decomposing
13: Male Patient Intake and processing: This is where all Male patients are taken in and assigned a ward, level and room. There are many file cabinets that have been tossed. There is a small blackened circle in the center of the room as if a fire burned here and ashes around it.
14: Intake Clerk Office: Players could find checklists for all intake items if they want.
15 Male Patient Personal Item Storage: This is where the patient’s personal belongings are stored for the MAle patients. Rows of boxes of various size. They have all been tossed and most of the items reclaimed.
16: Guard station:
17: Staff Library: Amazingly enough, this room seems mostly unharmed. Various books on medical treatments of the insane as well as general medicine and novels by the greats and philosophy. It looks as if a few of the patients broke in and begin to raze the room before they were thwarted by some of the more civilized of the patients. Steps have been made to clean the debris and secure the room to prevent violet patients from attempting to raze the room again.
18: Clerical office. Many desks that were most likely originally in rows have been smashed and the contents strew across the room.
19: Showers and lavatory: These stopped functioning a long time ago and it smells as such. The fact that patients continue to use them does not help.


1: Nurses Station:

2: Medicine storage:

3: behavior observation room: This area has walls that are padded for the patients’ protection. There is a table and chairs bolted to the floor as well as a manacle ring bolted to the table. All of which are padded as well. The door to the left as you enter the room leads to an observation room. There are view-ports in the wall that allow the staff to sit in the room and observe patient behaviors and reactions to certain stimuli. Currently the patients use the room as a giant sleeping quarters as the padded floor offer some comfort.

6: Kitchen: There is a kitchen set up here. Meals for the staff would be prepared and served to them in their offices or the lounge so their work could continue uninterrupted.

16: Coroner’s Lab: Entering the lab, you immediately notice the stark smell of bleach, formaldehyde and rot. Along the far wall there are the morgue drawers where bodies would be kept. the doors all hang open and empty. The bodies all removed and taken elsewhere. The doors seem to remain open to let everyone know there is nothing inside….curious. tables are spread through the room and surgical instruments remain untouched. Obviously the patients understood their magic was enough to reclaim the building. The buzzing of flies draws you eyes to the center of the room where here is a metal coroner’s slab as well as rolling metal beds surround it. You see the remains of an autopsy on the table. If it could be called that. Really, a medically precise mutilation would be more apt. It is barely recognizable as a body. The limbs have been removed and arrayed in beautiful display of medical knowledge. the layers of flesh meticulously peeled back to reveal the muscles beneath which in turn have been filleted to reveal the arteries and skeleton. The veins and arteries have also been removed and spread on one of the tables along with the organs perfectly arranged though grey with time and maggot ridden. The one item you notice is missing from the body is the head. You wonder where it could be given the meticulous arrangement of the body.
On the chart by the table is hastily scrawled in frantic letters in blood (you assume the body’s) “See doc. I learned everything you taught me.”

17: Chief Surgeon’s Office: The door to this room is unlocked. It is a large highly decorated Oak door. There is a title artistically carved into it “Chief Surgeon” as well as a crudely carved “FORMER” above the title. Upon entering the room, you are made immediately aware that whomever occupied it in a former life was reviled by everyone who dwelt in this place by the smell before the sights. While the rest of the floor is well maintained, you can see the remains of violence and destruction even with the repairs and cleaning that has been done. This room is almost a tribute to the revolt. While the first floor was dirty, ransacked and defaced, it does not begin to compare to the obvious glee the rioters took in annihilating every piece of everything in this room.You see the remains of a painting. But can only just make out the face. It is immediately obvious that there is nothing of value to anyone here other than satisfaction of revenge.

18: Administration Secretary’s Office: The door is open. There is a desk though no one is at it at this time. The desk holds keys.

19: Administrator’s Office: This room used to be the office of the Guild Administrator. The defaced paintings on the walls show him to be a man of large girth and it would seem a larger ego. Though how the artist captured that so well that even with his face slashed and smeared with blood, the eyes still bear a weight of condescension of whatever his Oil Paint eyes fall on. This room, other than the painting, is largely untouched and opulently decorated. To one side there are a number of leather couches on which rest three people: an African woman dressed in a guards uniform that has the sleeves torn off and all Guild emblems defiled, and two other men in ragged clothes that have obviously seen much use and obviously were not the current owners’. There is also large oak desk and an overstuffed leather chair behind it. Seated in the chair is an Arabic gentleman dressed in the desert military uniform of an officer which has seen many years in the harsh desert weather. His clothes have been cleaned. But, they show the signs of wear that only comes from age. He writes on a piece of parchment as you enter. He seems to think a bit after stopping, nods his head, dusts the parchment with sand and sets it aside finally raising his gaze to meet yours. The three on the couch jump to their feet, draw weapons and move towards you. The man at the desk gestures and give a swift command. They stop. But, look ready to pounce if the man at the desk commands it.


Wyncrest Asylum

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