John Williams VC



  • Might -2
  • Grace +3
  • Speed 0
  • Resilience -1 (0)
  • Charm – 1
  • Cunning +3
  • Intellect – 1
  • Tenacity – 1 (0)
    Athletics (Speed):…………2
    Bureaucracy (Cunning)….0 (3)
    Centering (Tenacity)……..2
    Convince (Intellect):…….2 (1)
    Decieve (Charm/INT)………0 (-1)
    Evade (Speed):……………..3
    Literacy (Cunning):……….0 (3)
    Long Arms (Grace):………4 (7)
    Notice (Cunning):…………2 (5)
    Toughness (Resilience):..2
    Tracking (Cunning):……..2 (5)
    Defense: 2 plus Evade Or Speed(Whichever is Higher) = 5
    Willpower: 2 plus Centering/Tenacity (WiH) = 4
    Wounds: 4 + Resil/Toughness = 6
    Walk: 5
    Charge: 5
    Height: 2
    Guild Script: 10$
    Howles Pattern 1874 – 24 yds, 3/5/6, 1, 1AP Reload
    Custom Grip (Plus to Attack Flips)
    Defining Suit (Ace, Five, Nine, King) Rams
    Ascendant Suit (Four, Eight, Queen) Masks
    Center Suit (Three, Seven, Jack) Tomes
    Descendant Suit (Two, Six, Ten) Crows
    Critical Strike (Long Arms)
    Speed Loading
    Quick Draw
    Specialized Skill (Long Arms)
    Unequaled Accuracy
    Coin For Kills
  • (Mercenary Deadset)When character fails a Ranged Combat duel (Dramatic time): Draw a card. During Epilogue may advance in any Ranged Combat in addition to those from Fatemaster.
  • Critical Strike: When damaging deal 1 additional damage for each RAM in the final duel total

*Specialized Skill: Ram is built into the Long Arms Flip

*Quick Draw: Can draw my weapon for a 0 action


Born in May, 1857 in Wales, John enlisted in the army in 1877. His parents, being mercenaries themselves, decided to go through the breach when it re-opened, leaving John to finish out his term of service with the British Army. It was around this time that John got his first taste of combat while posted with B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot (2nd/24th) in Natal South Africa.

During January 22-23 1879 the mission John was stationed at was attacked by around 4000 Zulus, to make things worse, some of them even had Soulstone weapons. Posted at the hospital, John was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions when the hospital started to be overrun.

VC Citation:
Private John Williams was posted with Private Joseph Williams, and Private William Horrigan, 1st Battalion 24th Regiment, in a distant room of the hospital, which they held for more than an hour, so long as they had a round of ammunition left: as communication was for the time cut off, the Zulus were enabled to advance and burst open the door ; they dragged out Private Joseph Williams and two of the patients, and assagaied them. Whilst the Zulus were occupied with the slaughter of these men a lull took place, during which Private John Williams, who, with two patients, were the only men now left alive in this ward, succeeded in knocking a hole in the partition, and in taking the two patients into the next ward, where he found Private Hook.

These two men together, one man working whilst the other fought and held the enemy at bay with his bayonet, broke through three more partitions, and were thus enabled to bring eight patients through a small window into the inner line of defence.

Holding the assault off, the British were able to carry the day. Shortly thereafter, John’s service was finished and he started to ply his trade in a manner befitting his upbringing… as a mercenary.
He found work here and there, mainly as a tough such as a bouncer or bank guard. One notable job included a stint as a stagecoach guard, at which time he discovered that the Howles pattern was a good marksmanship weapon. After struggling by month after month, he finally scraped enough money together to make his trip into the Breach.

John Williams VC

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