Dr. Fitzhugh Smith

Might -1 Charm +1
Grace +1 Cunning -2 (+1) -1
Speed -1 Intellect 0 (+1)
Resilience +1 Tenacity +2

Defense: Evasion + (Speed x .5) = 2
Willpower: Centering + (Tenacity x .5) = 2
Wounds: Toughness + (Resilience x .5) = 3
Walk: 4 + (Speed x .5) = 4
Charge 4 + Speed = 4
Height: 2


Enchanting Level 2
Necromancy Level 5
Thrown Weapons Level 1
Doctor Level 5
Toughness Level 2
Harness Soulstone Level 2
Station Skill/ Pistol Level 1
Stitching Level 1
Notice Level 2
Puppet Making Level 2


Guild Script: 8$
B&D Pocket 6 yrds 2/3/3 4 2 AP Concealable
Bowie Knife 1 yard 1/3/4
Brigandine coat. (Light-armor 1, protected-ram)
Medical toolkit.
Necromatic tome-Dutty Boukman


Defining Suit (Ace, Five, Nine, King) CROWS
Ascendant Suit (Four, Eight, Queen) TOMES
Center Suit (Three, Seven, Jack) RAMS
Descendant Suit (Two, Six, Ten) MASKS


Free: Quick Study
Morbid Thoughts


I flee my home town. Nobody understands me, what I’m trying to do.

I grew up as a normal kid, my parents wanted me to be a doctor, even went so far as to pay for my schooling. But my true love is the mystical arts. Since I was a small boy I have had a fascination with the unknown. What make the body work, can you create that spark? Can you make things move, can you control objects? While away at school I found a book. That magnificent book. It has made my life great, yet also ruined it. I have never had the true spark of magic, I could only do small spells. Things any nobody with a small amount of potential could do. The book showed me there is more, much more.

I began to experiment with the things I had learned from the book. Even though I graduated school with my doctors certificate, no place would employ me. The satin of the experiments followed me. Why can’t they see, the bodies are no longer in use. I am trying to help the living. Just think of the possibilities if we could reuse bodies. Unskilled labor would become easy to find. In addition, if you could animate a child’s doll, that child now has a real friend. A thing that could be programmed to protect that child. A more intelligent version of a dog. No one has a problem with using animals.

Dr. Fitzhugh Smith

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