Through the Breach

What, Where am I?

Finally I am able to be released. We ask the nurse to send word to Albus that we are here and Eloise is here with us. There is a commotion in the hall way, damn Jebediah is getting in trouble again. Kermit is starting to annoy me, I am Pete, yes I’m stuck in a little girl’s body but I am me. Her constant manspalining is going to get on my nerves.

Out in the hallway the doctor is screaming about who let Jebediah out. Hey I was dead, and the nurses were with me the whole time. He proceeds to question us. Harold says something and the doctor begins to look strange at him, next thing you know ol boy is spillin his guts. Not good if you have secrets, but oh well at least it is not me.

Journal of Dr. Smith (Entry 49)

Why am I standing here with a gun, and who the hell are you people. This appears to be a hospital. This man says he is a doctor and he asks me to go into his office. After a while I realize what has happened. Relief. After learning where I am and what has transpired, this young man Kermit keeps trying to tell me what to do. This will not stand as clearly I am more intelligent than this person.

I ask and am granted access to examine the patient files. As I thought. Still not sure what to think, I will have to try something to see if I can speak with the others. A plague, while elegant in its design has been determined to be magical in nature. I wonder if I still have my magical abilities. I know I feel different, mainly since I am stuck in a girl’s body.

A man named Albus is here, speaking of a large soul gem. I put up some ideas and Kermit again, decides to interject and say the exact same thing I just said. This will get old fast. I must make a note to remove his tongue if it get to difficult to handle. I digress, it seems that this group has meet the person who has the gem and want to get it. To install it in a large statue of a woman. This is an interesting thought. I wonder if I could do something like that. I know I can animate small puppets, maybe a corpse or two. This bears looking into. If it works I might be able to splint these personalities back into separate bodies. Must study more and gather information.

At least she survived, in some way. This is all I ask.


shadowopal Thassaloss

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