Through the Breach

What the little girl sang

The tune sung by the little girl as she studies

I was able to escape from the room I had been imprisoned in, but was unable to complete my escape from the facility in which we are being held. To attempt the escape I had prepared syringes of ether, hoping the flesh constructs would be susceptible to the charms of ether.

However that did not turn out to be the case. The constructs shrugged off the ether and kept guard on us.

There is a disturbing little girl with the group. She identified herself as a doctor though the group had said it was the strange homesteader whose incarceration had led us to this charnel house.

He uses two names: Fitzburrough-Smith. I had thought he could be related, but no, he spells his name in a different and strange way: with an ‘i’. Very disturbing.

Elloise has discovered her ‘maker’, Albus Grand. Would that he took a bath he would be more pleasant. The darkness around the eyes and the gawd-awful smell about the man is enough to knock a man over.

I’ve put aside some ‘addy-ren-alone’ which the learned man claims is a last ditch stimulus for those in a near death state. I don’t know how we’ll use this. But it could be of use.

I also have a supply of the ether. It could be used as a fuel for a fire, and in its liquid form could be very useful in bottles, sort of like the oil that is sometimes used back on Earth among some people.

The silly ‘gentleman’ has been very quiet for the last few hours. What a relief. I suspect he was the one who blew me in to the doctor. I wait and watch for a time to have my revenge.

7 Fate Points
1 Magic Point


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