Through the Breach

Meta-Gaming w/ Chris

The party has just spent about 30 minutes trying to get Chris’ character to join the group. This was despite the discussion that there are only four of us and it being high summer, it is unlikely the group will get much larger.
So there is Chris demanding we give him some money to accompany us on a visit to the Eastern Slums of Malifaux.
How else should Chris act? Now he is complaining that he shouldn’t have entered the building with the old hag back about a month ago, that way he could deny his fate.
Gotta love Chris…


Unfortunately for your wagon driver, the going rate for Dan Godwyn accompanying the group into the Eastern Slums is 10 scrip. Fredo figured it was best to just pay up and use Godwyn as a meat shield if we encountered any troublemakers.

Meta-Gaming w/ Chris
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