Through the Breach

Marefaux Stlangel and Stlangel

So preased to make acquaintance of new healse dlivel in town. He rikey bargain and ahgue with me. He make boring day in shop go fast. Then, Guird send missive to go to mine with pourtice. Minel velly bad injuled. Lo Kway go to Miner’s Union to take calavan to mine.

When we get to mind, round eye minel is velly clazy. He keep saying, “Sourstones no tark.” When I give him good wisdom from Lao Tze and Confucius, he say, “Chinamen no tark.” I use poultice and soothing tark to carm he down. But he so shuyah, we go down, check on wheh he wuhk. Cave he shine like clazy. Blighteh than monk robes in Fohbidden City. We feel uhge to bling skirr rabor to flee some sore caught in stone. Vein weaken and big exprosion behind us. Balery get out of way before Matule Nephirim fries by. Velly scaley!

I suddenry lemembel that Matule Nephirim has brood rike acid. So, when evelyone shoot at it, I tly to hit it with sreep gas. It too fast fo’ me. Gas just mask he escape. We chase. Lo Kway know words can never cook rice. Chase he with tluncheon, but cannot get instlument of justice to land upon guirty palty. But Nephirim fry high and rittre nephirim come at us. We sprattel brood rike acid evelywhele. Two ritter nephirim dead as sahdine in honolable tin can. We gain lewald.
Resson taught to me is, “Do not charrenge supelnatular unress almed with swold of tluth.”


Amazing how many badly-accented English words are ACTUAL English words. That took some deciphering.

Marefaux Stlangel and Stlangel
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