Through the Breach

Malifaux AAR

Was a rough day, ran around delivering packages. Got hired for a decent sum to ride shotgun on a wagon train out to the mine. Was wary, but a paycheck is a paycheck. Arrived quickly, no problems. Group goes into the mine, odd considering that we were hired to protect the wagon to and from. Off in the sky is some sort of giant bird thing. I point it out to the workers who run into the mine. Wagon Driver picks up a gun, starts firing, I do so as well, scoring a hit on the big one. There is a loud screech as those spider things block off the mine before a large Nephalim burst through and starts destroying them. I get a good shot on it before there is a large shadow cast over me and the world goes black. I come to, and the creatures are gone. The group tidies up the mine, and head back. In the city, I report to the courier’s office and get my pay, will get the wagon money next. All In all a pretty good haul for a minor assignment

2LT (ret.) Dan Godwyn
2nd U.S Artillery, Battery A/Mercenary For Hire


shadowopal Aenir

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