Through the Breach

Lo Kway's Dilemma

I use uhly mohning hoahs to makee fine potion. I makee exproseev and mkee moh sreep gas. But lemembuh, I feer erehments and I know they not best. Me wonduh if Mistah Ming’s ingledients leery best rike he craim. But I know potion makee some good smoke when necessaly. And practice needed for honolabre archemist to succeed in rife. [Filter added]

Mr. Ming has been very secretive today. He didn’t want to show me anything. He just wanted me to man the shop. But when he send me to see Miss Collette, I know it big, important job. He let me in to see Miss Collette work and showed her a book that was covered with dozens of shiny stones. She talked to the soulstones and made them light up like I talk to the elements when I am truly in synch with all reality. She was very tired when she finished, but the book wouldn’t open. She said she needed help and mentioned the name of Ramos. Mr. Ming became very defensive. He doesn’t like Ramos; thinks the guy is strictly mercenary—out to rip him off. I hate it when our people act so stereotypical.

Ramos came and was even more powerful with the soulstones than Miss Collette. I wanted to learn magic from him, but Mr. Ming said I would lose my job if I tried to join Ramos’ “union.” Well, I’m only here until Ming’s brother gets back. So, I guess I’ll bide my time.

But if we could get that book open, it would be amazing. I might be able to become as one with the soulstones as I can with the other elements when I’m doing my alchemistry. But Ming thinks the key is with old Ms. Zorida. I said I had seen her on the train. I said I wasn’t afraid of her and then, he told me that she lives in the swamp. I can’t go there by myself. What should I do?


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