Through the Breach

Kermit's Journal: The Brilliance of Dr. Atanasov

We were brought into Room 11 in the basement of asylum building we thought was building #9, though we had gotten rather lost in the sewers. The Québécois was locked in Room 14.

The little girl ran into Room 9 and started picking up the homesteader’s belongings. I began interviewing her. She said she saw the grim reaper and then was alive again – in a little girl’s body. She insisted her name was Pete. She said she felt different and everyone was much taller now. While I was interviewing the little girl, the blacksmith left. There was a nurse cleaning up the room, and the little girl told her she felt much better and asked how to get out. The nurse said the doctor has to authorize her release. I went to wait outside Dr. Atanasov’s office, hoping to ask him all my questions about the procedure.

I asked, “How’d you know it would work?”

Dr. Atanasov explained, “I’ve been under the impression that Guild-sanctioned magic is the perfect way to transfer one soul to another. And then after my discussion with Albus, we came up with a plan. We just had to find the right soulstones. I did not expect the soulstones to – explode.”

The little girl came in, and Dr. Atanasov said, “You’ve essentially gained 15 years. … Let’s do a checkup. … Reflexes a little slow, but given that your body was nearly dead, not surprising. In bringing back the near-dead, sometimes the mental attributes degrade and become open to other Guild-sanctioned magic users’ commands. We used the twin stones, so that shouldn’t happen. But if you come across any Guild-sanctioned magic users, you might want to give them wide berth.”

We enquired about Albus Grand’s whereabouts. Dr. Atanasov said, “On the grounds, not in this building. Most likely with the tinkers. We can send a message.” The blacksmith and I agreed it was safer to stay there and have Albus come to us.

The little girl was hungry, and the nurses brought food for everyone.

I asked Dr. Atanasov why, with his brilliance at surgery and Guild-sanctioned magic, he did not escape the asylum and rise to great professional acclaim. He replied, “My reputation as a surgeon was muddied by my incarceration in this facility which was completely unwarranted. I just have different tools at my disposal in Malifaux than I did earthside. Fortunately Albus saw my worth, and after the nasty overthrow that the Naturalists performed, we were able to progress both of our researches.”

With relative calm in the medical facility, we began talking about Eloise and our search for a permanent power source for her, which we believed Grand had devised. Dr. Atanasov examined the lady’s stomach and found a small soulstone inside. He said he thought Grand has found the right stone. The blacksmith and I moved closer and read instructions written on, essentially, Eloise’s ribcage. They specified the soulstone necessary to fully power Eloise and noted a smaller one would work as an engine but would be unable to hold a persona and explained that was why Eloise required instructions from a gauntlet wearer.


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