Through the Breach

Kermit's Journal: Return to the Main Building

The bounty hunter came around after his bout with the plague. We tried to catch him up, and then we started discussing how to reacquire the large soulstone in the possession of Hagir which was needed to fully power Eloise.

I had previously underestimated the gentleman due to his being a francophone, but he and I seemed to be of a similar mind regarding the plan for approaching Hagir. We both thought it apt to ask him first to negotiate a trade for the soulstone and then, failing that, to attack him.

We asked the doctor how to best leave his floor without encountering the plague again. He merely nodded, and the gentleman suggested we take the stairwell. We went up the stairwell off of room #7 on the map, and we emerged outside building #37, far from Hagir’s main building.

I summoned a ball of light. An eerie green light appeared near the little girl. As we made the trip, the blacksmith humored the little girl’s questions about Hagir’s headquarters. The bounty hunter started rambling about gargoyles. We continued into the courtyard of the main building. The eerie green light moved ahead of us, catching glints of metal rushing toward us. I moved my light forward, bringing into view some small clockwork servants. One growled and another grabbed the bounty hunter’s gun. Then we heard Hagir’s voice, and he recognized us. He said the “ghost light” concerned them, but it was probably safe since none of us were resurrectionists.

The bounty hunter got his gun back, and we followed the clockwork creatures into the main building. They skittered up the pile of furniture in the stairwell. We followed, not alarmed about making noise since our presence was already known. The door at the top was already open. The little girl reached the top first and went through. We arrived near room #1.

Hagir was in the center of the corridor. He welcomed us back and bid us talk to him in his office.

We walked past the rooms off the same entryway as Hagir’s office (#17). The door to room #18 was still open, and the desk was still inside. This time I noticed the oak door to room #17 was ornately carved with the words “Chief Surgeon’s Office” with “Former” crudely added above them.

In Hagir’s office, Chinwendu and the two other guards stood up from the couch and took their positions.

The group wisely elected me their leader, and I explained our purpose to Hagir. He said he had no knowledge of a soulstone of this size. I asked if he had heard rumors of one somewhere within the asylum. He said he could look into it.

The bounty hunter jumped in with a plethora of questions demonstrating his low station and intellect. Seeking to rescue our host from this embarrassment, I asked for accommodations for the night at the same moment the gentleman asked for the little girl to be taken to the toilet. She latched onto the blacksmith, and one of the guards led them out. (I later learned from the blacksmith that room #12 is a toilet marked “Females.”) Hagir said of course we could stay, they’d already made arrangements. Chinwendu stood by the doorway and gestured for us to go into the hallway. Once we were out, she closed the door to Hagir’s office. We walked down the hallway toward room #3, the padded room where we had bunked before, and met the blacksmith and the little girl in the hallway.

[End with 7 Fate, spend 6 Fate on 2 XP to raise 2 skills from 1 to 2, Start with 1 Fate]


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