Through the Breach

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 5 and 6)

The Swamps of Malifaux

We finally make it to Zoraida’s hut. The hut is in a tree, the gremlins climb up the tree with our offerings. They don’t come back down. But the hut does, the tree splits down the middle allowing he hut to sink to the floor. We are invited in. I notice she is using the items we brought her to make dolls. There are dolls of all major players in city, and she is making dolls of us. The part of me that revels in my Books knowledge is impressed, and a little scared. I know what can be done with a doll like this. Oh well too late to worry about it now. Lo Kway begins asking her questions. She answers in exchange for a task to be completed in the future. That’s bad, never make a deal unless you know all the terms first.

We find out the the malifaux gods “tyrants” are trying to return and that is bad for everyone. It seems the book that mister Ming has is tied to there original binding and that the neverborne that escaped the mine we were at is the king who created the book. Not good at all.

The trip back out of the swamp is mostly uneventful. Once past the gremlin village we camp for the night. During he night someone sneaks up on our camp. I TELL the lead person to shoot yhe person behind him. He yells bang? Must pay more attention to what the person is wearing. Anyways after a few moments we realize that this is the famous Ortega clan. I have a small amount of Ortega blood in me, a distant cousin on my mothers side. We are invited to stay the night at their compound. All agree except Bill. The wagon driver decides it would be easier to ride in a wagon and takes Bills.

Once at the compound we say our thanks and pleasantries to the matron of the Ortega clan then head to bed. After a big breakfast we head out towards the city.

As we make our way towards the city we see multiple wagon caravans heading out of he city. After questioning one we find out hat they are miners reopening the mine that we were at.

Once back in the city I return Bills wagon, pay for my storage fees and rent another room. It seems we have been gone three months although for us it was a little over a week. Strange, time flows different in the swamp.

Anyway I go looking for puppet making materials, and some ready made puppets for me to begin my experiments on. I find a Mr. Odis Gaines in the guild enclave who sells puppets and is willing to teach me how to make them. I begin my training with excitement.


shadowopal Thassaloss

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