Through the Breach

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 4)

I get up early and head to the steamfitters union. I need a job. After what seems like a day I finally get to meet the union rep. Then come the questions, can you do this? How about that? My hands are to important for physical labor. I am a doctor, not a miner. I’m am even asked about my magical abilities. I reply with animation as my magical affinity. If they only knew about what my true passion is. I have learned not to reveal that to anyone.

Anyway, after more paperwork I am finally a member of the union. Next stop is the guild hall to register my ability to use magic. More waiting, more questions. The rules break down to the guild is mother, the guild is father, the guild is everything, and everything is the guilds.

Truth be told all that only took about four hours. Now for breakfast. I head to miss patti’s.
Lo Kway is there, he wants to visit that weird old woman from the train. Seems like it might be an informative trip. Some crazy person named Bayou Bill. He has some experience with the swamp. He gives us a lot of instructions, and says we need to pick up some goblins. I wonder if they will look like the old folk tales or be something different.

The beginning of the journey was uneventful. Until we camped. We were attacked by a large three headed cat. I moved closer to the fire hoping to confuse it. That must have worked since I was unharmed in the fight.

Next came what can only be described as a moleman. Three of the creatures attacked he wagon the next day. I dissected one for medical purposes on the rest of the trip to the goblin village.

The goblin village was something you would see in the Deep South of earth. These creatures are not very smart, but they can make some good shine. We get what the chieftain says are his two best men. If that is their best we are in for some trouble.

Anyway we set out on two canoes, heading further into the swamp. The wagon driver sees some type of dogs shadowing us from the banks. As the banks grow closer we know an attack is coming. Sure enough it does, but it is strange. Trees suddenly appear in our path. I shoot one to no effect, magic? I must look into this. Anyways we make quick work of the dog creatures. With only one of us getting soaked in the process.

Now on to find Zoraida.


shadowopal Thassaloss

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