Through the Breach

Journal of Dr. Smith (entry 3)

After the battle with the neverborn creatures at the mine yesterday, im still sore. But I need to get up early for my pay. The steamfitters union is my second stop. First breakfast. Once at the union hall I am paid $10 scrip. Not bad for just looking at a crazy person. Now to explore this city. While making my way around the city I notice people are acting strange, after a few questions I learn that everyone is on edge because no one has died yet. What a strange place. At least once I can aqurie the proper materials I should have more then enough subjects. I spend the majority of the day exploring and stopping at any saw bones that I find, letting them know
I am in town if they need help.

Sometime after noon I notice that the mood has changed. People are saying that good omens are in the air since the Guild killed someone first. I find out that there was a hanging of two guild gaurdsmen. The same gaurds that were involved in the altercation in the alley behind the shop. It seems one was pardoned. I Guess it was his lucky day.

Now its time for dinner, then maybe I will catch a show at the Star.


shadowopal Thassaloss

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