Through the Breach


The construct that kidnapped the homesteader set a fast pace, disappearing into a building in this asylum. We had already lost ground on it, but as fortune had it, the missing members of the group showed as we arrived at the last point of contact.
As usual, the ‘gentleman’ was bravely going into the unknown with no idea of what was being faced. I should have encouraged him to go on and left him right there.
But, we organized our explorations and shedding our fears we entered after the lost companion.
The building was a large maze of a place, larger even then the buildings we had previously explored.
We were surprised, at one point, to detect a breeze in a small closet like room off the main corridor. Further exploration indicated the air movement was coming from some rubble in a corner. Our explorations could find no way to move the rubble, though the learned gentleman insisted that we couldn’t see what was happening.
The construct named Eloise said she agreed that our perceptions were wrong. There was an access to a passage below.
She grabbed something that I saw as a rock and suddenly I could hear the sound of metal on metal.
It wasn’t Eloise. What was it?
Eloise pulled back whatever she had been working on and a hatch appeared, just as Eloise and Kermit had said. It led down.
When we climbed down, there was an underground passage, leading off generally to the north and the south. Side passages merged and exited from the main passage, if it can be described as such. I felt totally lost here and followed as the others found clues that guided us through this dark place.
Even the efforts of the colonel were of some use, surprise. And the efforts of Kermit, though they seemed reasonable to me, sometimes led us astry.
However, we came upon an underground complex. Kermit warned us that his studies had indicated that there were probably resurectionists here. These resurectionists were dangerous and the guild wanted to destroy them.
I just hoped we could locate the homesteader before these monsters completed whatever plan they had for him— and for us.
I’ll skim over our first encounter with the resurectionists, an event that was marked by the murder of an old man by the young one with the fast guns. I’d hoped to capture the man and perhaps make him talk, but the young one said he was starting an incantation and time was of the essence.
Soon we were surrounded by four constructs each as large as Eloise. There were also women who identified themselves as nurses. They told us Black Eyed Pete was undergoing an operation. They said that he might not be saved, but that the doctor would try.
This worried me and my fellow travellers. How could we be sure of them? Who were they? How had they, so conveniently, come here to this place to ‘help’ Pete?
We tried to leave the room, but were prevented doing so by the constructs. I was thinking of how we could overcome them when the illness overcame Kermit. He collapsed on the floor and looked awful. I was feeling somewhat nauseated by this and fell back in confusion?
The women said they had to save Kermit. What? They said we had been exposed to plague in the passages. Whether this biologic horror was part of their defense or had been employed against them by some horrible opponent was not clear. I tried to stay with Kermit, but finally had to watch him wheeled away to some unknown horror.
The young man, John, followed, then the colonel and the other blacksmith. I stood alone, with the four constructs blocking my access to my fellows. The women explained that they were working to save my fellows, then there was blackness.
I awoke some time, I don’t know how long, later. I was in a small room. A scream was heard in the distance. OH GOD! They are torturing John Williams!
I opened the door to find the others, not looking as well as I, but also alarmed.
The nurses and a doctor had worked on us, curing whatever ailment has beset us. But Williams was in trouble. He had a bad reaction, we were later told. He had an alergy to the medication and was in danger of being lost.
Pete meanwhile was also undergoing a strange treatment and he was nearly lost, or is. I can’t explain it all, but the others say Pete has a second and new identity: He is a she or something.
Such a thing is impossible to consider and I may need to evaluate whether Pete is truly Pete or not. How can I trust such a thing with my life in combat? A He/She in a girls body is what I understand.
We had to know if these experiments were for evil purpose, or whether, as the nurses said, they were to cure us.
Seizing the moment, I began exploring this place. In one locked room I found a journal.
To me it had no value. But perhaps Kermit could decipher it?
I stole away with it, but was found out. The details are not important, but suffice it to say I overhead the Colonel give me up. I’ll need to settle the score when I can.
In the meantime, the book or journal is lost and I am locked in the small room. My examination of my prison is discouraging. I will need to batter my way out.
But there must be a way—-


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