Through the Breach

I am Pete. I am Lily

I awaken on a table, someone is speaking. A man. He is saying that I’m very injured. He is some sawbones and is trying to save my life. Wait what did he say about my arms needing to be removed. 

As darkness over takes me I am reminded of my past, memories that are slowly fading. More memories this time of a little girl, they seem familiar. Almost as if they were mine.

I awaken to see a little girl playing with her brother in her room. The boy leaves, this all seems so familiar. I wave at the girl, she sees me. Her name is Lily, my name is Lily. No I’m Pete. We speak, she says the doc has kept her alive until parts could be found. This is not good, I think I’m the parts. As we speak, a wolf howls outside by the door.

We continue to talk, all this is so strange. A knock at the door, Lily says its for me. As I open the door I realize who is there. It is the phantom of death. Death itself has come for me. Seeing my misdeeds flash before my eyes I almost wish I was back home. I wish I would have been a farmer like my pa wanted. Oh well to late for that. Death is here and now it’s my time. 

He says that my time is to early and that I can live, only it won’t be as I was. I wonder what that means.

He touches me and I feel the I cold hands of fate grabbing me. I feel as though I can wake up. I do and holy mother of god. I’m in a little girls body, this is so wrong. Now more than ever I would like to be home. But we deal with what is handed to us. My friends are there, the doc asks my name. Damn you sawbones. I am PETE. He then asks if Lily is in here. I think on it and can feel the little girl. He seems happy and runs off to make notes or some such. 

After trying to get used to a little girls body, we all hear the doc dreaming that something is missing. He starts asking everyone. At least I have a great cover. I was dead. The col. asks if I’m touching me. What nonsense is he speaking. All these questions, damn man I just woke up. Leave me alone or I will shoot you in the face.

At least all my equipment is here, damn belt is to big. This is gonna be a rough one. As I finally finish getting my gear together I see the doc’s locking a door and saying they will find the truth. Even if it requires inflicting pain. This is getting bad, and turning worse.

As I begin my new life in this girls body, I am wondering if this cursed land is done or is there more wyrdness to come.

As the train flier said bad this happen.


shadowopal Thassaloss

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