Through the Breach

Fredo's Diary of the Magickal World of Malifaux - Day 4

I got up at 8 a.m. and went down to Miss Patty’s Pantry for breakfast. Everyone seemed on edge. Miss Patty said it’s because nobody’s died today. “They’re all fidgety. They all think they’re the next one to go. Usually at least one person’s dead by now. Three people a day is average.”

Miss Patty said a lot of people off the train wind up dead after stealing soulstones. She said, “You were up at that mine, weren’t you?” I said yes, I’ve been working as a barker at The Star, and they asked me to go out and make sure that a shipment of soulstone made it into town safely. Miss Patty said that’s unusual because The Guild is in charge of the soulstones. The Star shouldn’t have anything to do with soulstones. I said I just do what the bosses tell me. Miss Patty said I should be careful who I tell that or anything else around Malifaux. I thanked her for that and gave her a big tip.

I headed back to my room. I put a delayed Telekinetic Push spell, set to go off when I am attacked, into one of the soulstones. Now that I had the hang of it, I put a delayed Telekinetic Lift spell into another soulstone.

Just then I heard someone coming up the stairs. They seemed to be trying to creep up quietly, but I could hear their footsteps and their talking – in one of the magic languages, but I couldn’t say which one. I hid in the wardrobe in my room. I heard the people reach my floor, and I felt the magic go dead. I heard them smashing down the door to the miner’s room. “Arcanist scum, stay where you are! Damn, go talk to the innkeeper.” Shuffling sounds, digging around the room. Some of the footsteps went down and back up. The magic went down and came back up as they drew near and went away.

Then a knock at my door. If I didn’t answer, they’d just smash my door down and rummage through my stuff, I figured, so I might as well open it. I climbed out of the wardrobe and opened the door a crack. I found myself face to face with Sonia Criid, the Guild’s Arcanist hunter. She knew I had the soulstones and that I hadn’t registered with the Guild. She told me I needed to register myself and my items that morning, and she gave me a ticket to present at Building 13 in the Guild Enclave. I was relieved when she left with her magic-chittering, sword-wielding little creatures.

It was already 11 a.m., so I needed to hurry if I was to register that morning. I kept an eye out for the miner. I gave a child two scrip to take him a note warning him away from the hotel, saying there are rats there. I hurried on toward the Guild Enclave.

Building 13 has a lightning bolt coming out of a cloud and a big X on it. I approached the door and showed the clerk my ticket. I could feel this was a magic dead zone. There were a number of those little creatures inside the building, including one just inside, chained to the wall, snarling at me. The clerk took my ticket and asked for my name, where I’m staying, “length of time of magical awareness” – I said 20 years. I showed him the three soulstones and said they’ve been in the family for years. He asked if I registered with The Guild Earthside, and I said I wasn’t aware that I could. He said to be sure that I followed the laws. I asked for a pamphlet listing those. He pointed to a sign behind me. It listed numerous laws, but the message was clear: Stear clear of The Guild. It took about another hour for me and my soulstones to pass their inspection.

When I got out, I saw a crowd gathering around Curmudgeon Square. I joined the crowd. I looked for the miner. The crowd was there for a hanging. The Guild marched up with the prisoners. I came to understand they were the Guild officers who approached our group during the skirmish near the herbalist’s shop, but my attention was focused on finding the miner and making sure he understood my note. Two officers were hanged, but a third was spared. His family didn’t seem as happy as you’d expect. The crowd dissipated and I walked alongside the miner. He got my note. I told him that the rats were a ruse, to get him to keep away. I told him Sonia Criid came looking for him, something about “Arcanist scum.” I had to explain to him who Ms. Criid is. We both agreed it’s clearly a matter of mistaken identity, because he is a miner, but he agreed that he should find a new hotel.

I walked past the Fox and Hound to see if anything else was happening there. It seemed calm. I walked around for about an hour before heading to The Star early.

I reclaimed my costume from Miss Angelica and took my place in front of the The Star. I used Telepathic Lift to hover some trinkets over my head and successfully entreated many Guild officers and other people to come see the show. I went in to see the show. Miss Collette was up on stage, and Dr. Ramos was there as always. The show ended and I collected my 7 scrip. Miss Collette says she wants me at The Star tomorrow early, after breakfast. She said she has a feeling they’re going to need some people.

I headed back to the Fox and Hound. After today’s adventures, I was glad for a relatively uneventful evening but curious about tomorrow’s tasks.


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