Through the Breach

Crazy nights, crazy days.

We just settle down for the night and hear the inmates going crazy, nothing out of the ordinary. Wait they are shoutin intruder.  We all go to see what is going on. All the inmates are screaming and running towards the door that we came in when we arrived. Jedediah is standing there, the inmates are going after him. I step forward and yell out that we are supposed to be here, the boss gave us permission. That pauses them for a few brief seconds, long enough for the boss to come see what is happening. After some explaining everyone calms down and we head back to bed. I go and get some food, I need something else besides jerky. After trading with an inmate I head back to get some shut eye.

The next mornin everything is good, we decide to head back to my block and get Elouise to try and find her creator. 

Our trip back to my block and then back again to the asylum was uneventful. As we headed deeper into the asylum grounds we are attacked by creatures. They seem to be of the dead. As the world goes dark I see my friends trying to come after me. 


shadowopal Thassaloss

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